IBM - Service and productivity tools for Linux on Power servers

Service and productivity tools

For Linux on Power servers

Hardware service diagnostic aids and productivity tools, as well as installation and developer toolkits for Linux operating systems running on IBM servers based on POWER technology.

Hardware diagnostic aids and productivity tools

YUM repository

Service and productivity tools are available in a YUM repository that you can use to download, and then install, all recommended packages for your Red Hat, SUSE Linux or Fedora distribution.

IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power

  1. 30 October 2015

    Version 1.8.0 of the IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power (SDK for Linux on Power) is now available.

The IBM SDK for Linux on Power servers is a free, Eclipse-based integrated development environment that integrates C/C++ source development with, and provides easy setup and use of

Installing service and productivity tools manually

You can also download individual tools and review installation order for tools on the following pages.

Installation aids

IBM now provides the IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux on Power. This toolkit provides a set of tools that eases the installation of Linux on IBM Power Systems. This toolkit is available as an ISO image, which you can use to burn your own CD for the Toolkit.

Linux on IBM

Readme first issues!

Urgent information that alerts you to problems you can avoid during Linux install on IBM systems.

[ Updated 03 June 2015 ]

Prerequisite flow

The following chart shows the dependencies and prerequisites among the service and productivity tools for Linux on Power servers.

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