IMS Enterprise Suite 2.1 SOAP Gateway: Top-down application development with Rational Developer for System Z

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This sample demonstrates the creation of a PL/I application template using the top-down application development approach for IMS™ Enterprise Suite 2.1 SOAP Gateway.



In the top-down approach, the PL/I application template is automatically generated based on an existing WSDL file. After the template is generated, the application developer adds the required back-end business logic, compiles and deploys the finished application to IMS, installs the XML converter for the application into IMS Connect, and deploys the web service to the SOAP Gateway server.

Before beginning this example walk-through, ensure that you have the following:

• IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® Version 8.0.3
• IMS Version 11 or later with an active IMS Connect host
• An IMS Enterprise Suite 2.1 SOAP Gateway server
• The example artifacts listed in Table 1 (included in the attached zip file)

Table 1: Artifacts

FAST247.wsdl Web service definition for the application
Operations.xsd Schema definitions for the web service operations defined in FAST247.wsdl
FAST247.xml SOAP Gateway correlator file
FAST247.pli Application template Include file with data structure definitions
FAST24D.pli Fault converter
FAST240D.pli Application XML converter
FAST241D.pli Application XML converter
FAST242D.pli Application XML converter
ServiceSpecification.xml XSEBATCH utility specification for generating the application artifacts
Container.xml XSEBATCH utility specification container file
PlatformProperties.xml XSEBATCH utility specification for platform-specific generation properties
FAST247.jcl JCL used to compile the application
FAST24D.jcl JCL used to compile the application fault converter
FAST240D.jcl JCL used to compile the application XML converters
FAST241D.jcl JCL used to compile the application XML converters
FAST242D.jcl JCL used to compile the application XML converters

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