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SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0.1 Fix List

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for the release of SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0.1. Details of the fixes are listed below. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Downloading SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0.1

Note: This list contains internal defect numbers. This was necessitated to provide a complete list of corrected defects as we continue to transition our internal defects to APARs. Future Fix Lists will contain only APAR references.

SPSS Text Analytics for Surveys 4.0.1 GA

ECM00034639 Erroneous "running instance of SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys" error message.
ECM00115774 restaurant.sav sample file has bad characters
ECM00151644 Visualization Pane automatically appears when resizing windows and after creating a new Rule
ECM00097599 In Category Web Visualization you can not drag and move nodes and lines
ECM00132238 Double clicking on a *.tas file to open in STAfS will result in having to reload the project to display Entire Project view.
ECM00034331 "Display Label in Place of Name" always checked when file is opened.
ECM00049576 STAS.exe never relinquishes RAM
ECM00139026 Installer changes the LAW shortcut to a Commuter License utility shortcut
ECM00154360 End users need at least "Modify" permission, not simply read/write/execute.
ECM00057984 Exported/Imported library loses it's 'Match' values
ECM00015092 Import/Export libraries defaults to STAfS install directory always
ECM00109701 Adding to the Synonyms pane does not trigger a change in the type/library icon
ECM00155774 software will intermittently flip you back to the library resources tab automatically.
ECM00154730 Can't escape the comment "#" character
ECM00155839 While working with the regular expression list, the cursor will be at the bottom of the list
ECM00110715 Error Code - 1072365566 extracting from Excel (Japanese)

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Software version: 4.0.1

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Modified date: 23 August 2011

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