IMS Enterprise Suite Version 1.1 SOAP Gateway (Fix Pack 2) for z/OS IMS Phonebook sample: Enabling an IMS application as a web service provider with SAML 1.1 WS-Security

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This sample takes you through the steps to enable an IMS™ application as a web service by using the IMS Phonebook sample application (IVTNO) with Web services security (WS-Security) using SAML 1.1 security tokens. A configuration guide for HTTPS security is also included. This sample also demonstrates how to create a client application to access the web service that is deployed on the SOAP Gateway server. This sample is based on Fix Pack 2 and is written for the z/OS® platform.



  • IMS Enterprise Suite Version 1.1 SOAP Gateway Fix Pack 2 installed on z/OS
  • IMS Version 11 with integrated IMS Connect
  • Service for LE COBOL APAR PM00230
  • The IMS Phonebook sample files (included in attached zip file)
  • IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® Version 8.0.1 or later

Contents in this sample zip file

This zip file includes the COBOL copybook for the Phonebook sample application to be enabled as a web service. The zip file also includes the generated files from Rational Developer for System z and the IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway management utility for your reference in case you do not have access to Rational Developer for System z Version 8.0.1.

File name
Phonebook copybook and files that are generated by Rational Developer for System z
IMSPHBK.cpy The IMS Phonebook application copybook
IMSPHBK.wsdl The WSDL file
IMSPHBK.xml The correlator file
IMSPHBKD.cbl The XML converters file
Sample Java application Sample Java client application
IMSEnterpriseSuite_SOAP_Provider_zos.pdf This document

Known download issue:
For some versions of Microsoft™ Internet Explorer, there is a known issue that the zip file appears as a docview.wss file after it is downloaded. The work-around is to rename the file to a .zip file after you download it. You will then be able to extract the files.

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