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Open Mic on "New Features introduced in IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management System 7.0" - Feb24th , 2011



Open Mic on "New Features introduced in IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management System 7.0" - Feb24th , 2011


In this Open Mic session, the presenter walked through a 90 minute presentation on "New Features introduced in IBM WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management System 7.0" followed by a Question & Answer session.

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Questions and Answers from the Open Mic call:

Q: Is there concept of Public pages (which can't be altered) and Private pages which is only visible to user who owns it? 
A: Yes.We can have this based on security settings on your pages. i.e. When a page is being created , we have option to select if its Public pages or Private pages
Q: What is the release date of the WPS 7? 
A: WP7 GA is out. The trial edition can be downloaded from the Patnerworld
Q: Please share this presentation with us.
A: Sure. We would send these slides across 
Q: Is there a capability to integrate WebSphere eCom Suite ? 
A : Yes we have many portlets on the catalogue for eCom requirements. These apps are developed on WAS or Portal or using the Websphere Commerce Server. 
Q: By Farming can we save the ND Licensing cost ? 
A : Yes, you will not need DMGR when you choose Farming as opposed to clustering.
Q: Can we integrate it with Lotus Quickr? 
A :: Yes, we surely can do that. 
Q: Is the migration - Wizard based, no manual input required? 
A : Yes. The migration can be achieved with minimal manual inputs 
Q: Portal Farming - does it mean there is Single Point of Failure? 
A : For single point of failure the answer would be that DB would be the single point of failure here and there could be ways to replicate/failover the DB instances to avoid that 
Q: Are there extra set of Roles now with WebSphere Portal V7? 
A : No. All roles are same as 6.1.5 version.
Q: Can the Tagging be done as a visitor of the portal ?
A : Yes the tagging can be done as a visitor of the portal, if the page and the portlets \ contents do have anonymous user access.
Q: Can we use WP7 in a clustered environment or it works with farming option only? 
A : We can always still use portal in a cluster, farming is a new option provided. 
Q: How are inter portlet communications handled 
A : We use wiring for inter portlet communication also, The portlet Wiring Tool also provides the functionality to implement cross-page portlet communication. Cross-page wires allow portlets to exchange properties across pages.
Q: Is there an option now to share the portlet with an external website (to be embedded into external site)
A : You cannot embed a portlet into an external site, because porlets contain a lot of state information, and need a portlet container to render them.
Q : Does version 7 come with WCM editor portlets ? 
A : Yes, that’s right - with WCM you would have all the authoring UI portlets ... Authoring UI/ Ephox editor etc. 
Q: Can we have the drag and drop feature be given to anonymous users or is it only admin task ? 
A : Yes. This feature is available for all the users.
Q: Does presence feature require sametime? Is it available only in extend version or in base version also? 
A : Yes we need Sametime covered for awareness. When Lotus Sametime is enabled in your portal configuration, users can work with the complete set of people 
awareness functionality, which includes instant messaging and application sharing through e-meetings. 
Q: What we understand is that no changes is required (including jar changes within portlet web-inf/lib) while we migrate from 6.1 to 7.0. Am I right? 
A : For migration - The custom portlets and code needs to be looked into individually. as far as product migration, it is done with the wizard
Q: How to migrate JCR from 6.0 to 7.0? 
A : There are some specific steps to be carried out for WCM/JCR migration - Please refer to this link for migration queries.;atrn=SWVersion&atrv=7.0&tc=SSCPKQB 
Q: Are there any changes in WCM API as compared to v6.1? 
A : There are additional APIs in WCM as well. These have been added especially for folders and projects... 
Q: Can Lotus WCM can also be downloaded from Passport advantage web sites ? 
A : Yes, We can also download WCM v7 as well which would be a part of Portal extend and enable. . 
Q: Can I control tagging through custom code? 
A : For tagging, we would need to use an API for achieving this through a custom code.
Q : Does WCM v7.0 supports the same seamless integration with lotus quickr as it used to support in WCM v6.0 with PDM v6.0?

By Seamless Integration features I mean:

1. WCM v7.0 will have quickr component by which we can attach a single document from quickr to a content.(As it used to have a document manager element in WCM v6.0)
2. We can create a business rule through personalization on the folders present in quickr

A : Web Content Management enables you to include links to remote content in other repositories, such as IBM Lotus® Quickr, IBM DB2 Content Manager, or IBM FileNet Content Manager through the use of rich text fields. The rich text editors in version 6.1.5 (standard and extended rich text editor) and in version 7.0 (default and advanced rich text editor) support this function with the Insert Link to Remote Content button, and, in the case of the extended or the advanced rich text editor, with an additional Insert Link to Remote Content menu item.

In version 7.0 the availability of the button and the menu item depend on capabilities of the portal theme. In particular, the theme applied to a page containing the authoring portlet must support Dojo 1.4.x and must include the theme.capability.dojo property in its file (for example, theme.capability.dojo=1.4.3).

So , its possible to create link to the documents available in Quickr only through RTE.. We do not have any component like Quickr Component that provides seamless integration of WCM with lotus Quickr.
Q : Can you share or send information about the setup of WebSPhere Portal farm :

A : Please go through this wiki for more details on the Portal Farming and configuration:
Infocenter also has steps on configuring Portal Farming.
Q : Virtualization is not a new technology introduced by IBM .. So whats new about Virtulization in IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 ?

A : Starting from IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 , IBM officially supports the Virtulization of IBM WebSphere Portal 7.0 and we also provide details steps for implementing virtualization for IBM WebSphere Portal.
Q : What is the functionality of tags ?

A : Tagging means assigning keywords as metadata to resources to describe or evaluate the content of these resources. These keywords are tags.

For example, a user can apply the tag “lotus” to a page that provides information about IBM Lotus products. Tagging content allows users to better categorize resources and thereby search the content of a portal more easily. This provides better results, as the search criterion is descriptive and users do not have to scan the content for the keywords.

Tagging and Rating in WebSphere Portal 7.0

WebSphere Portal 7.0 introduces a new tagging, rating and commenting engine that will allow users to tag (rate and comment) any resource available within a Portal/WCM site themselves. This functionality allows them to better organize, categorize, and find web content. More information about this functionality can be found from infocenter
Q: How to configure WCM search in 7.0?

A : In WCM 7.0 , we have to manually create the search collections and add the sitearea as content source in that search collection.


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