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Ask the Experts Replay: Debug Tool for z/OS



This Ask the Experts session provides customers with an open forum to ask a panel of Debug Tool experts questions on general Debug Tool for z/OS regarding configuration and troubleshooting.


Ask the Experts sessions are conducted in a question and answer format. The table below provides a time index (minutes:seconds) to the recording and describes the questions or topics discussed. You can fast forward to any question using the time index, a table containing the panel of experts is also included.

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Ask the Experts session
5 May 2011 - 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. EDT

Time Questions asked
00:00 Silence
00:00 General introduction
03:28 Technical introduction
04:24 How does Debug Tool locate source, listing, or separate debug files?
16:10 How do changes to TIM (Terminal Interface Manager) affect VTAM?
21:58 What are the advantages in using the new Debug Tool GUI Plug-in?
24:18 With the changes to DTCN in Debug Tool V10, are there recommendations on how the DTCN panel should be filled in?
33:31 What steps do I need to take to debug a non-LE program?
43:34 Is there a place where a previous user of expeditor can get equivalent commands in debug?
47:09 When Debug Tools was first install in our shop we used transaction DTCN to define profiles. Then when we installed a CICS/TS release that supported CADP we tested with that since it allowed for multiple and persistent debugging profiles. However, testing with one vendor application sometimes failed, and although we worked with IBM for a short while to fix this, we never pursued it to resolution. We abandoned CADP, because we believe that it was noted that future development would be in DTCN. While it’s not an important issue, will the additional features of CADP be incorporated DTCN?
50:31 We seem to occasionally have to increase EDSALIM to allow for programmer testing. And even though we use the set ignore link command, storage is sometimes quite large. Is this normal? Is there any way to estimate the amount of storage required for Debug Tool?
53:01 With V9 I used to give the transaction ID and DCN used to automatically pick up the transaction to start the debug, but now even if I give the transaction ID and specify the load module, it doesn't pick the transaction up.
55:20 Closing remarks
56:17 End of Call

Panel of Experts:
Bill Myjak Debug Tool Support Engineer
Randy Kraemer Debug Tool Development Engineer
Randy Campbell Debug Tool Development Engineer
Jayson Liu Debug Tool Support Engineer
Seana Hogan Debug Tool Development Engineer
Jesse Jackson Debug Tool Development Engineer



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