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About the Informix Genero Development Bundle  

Informix Genero BDL with Web Services

BDL, or Business Development Language, is used for creating and working with Informix 4gl applications and other languages, for the purpose of writing and developing applications for Business applications. Tools and methods are provided to allow easy transition from legacy 4gl applications, and to create interactive websites that work with your Informix Genero BDL applications.

Informix Genero Application Server

The Application Server provides an interface service and Graphical environment, used to link your business applications with your website.

Informix Genero Studio Server and Client

The Informix Genero Studio provides Visual Programming Environment (VPE)-style access to the Informix Genero features. As a result, the studio allows users to generate, prototype, and upgrade feature-rich and “rich client” applications swiftly and easily.

Informix Genero Desktop Client

The Desktop Client is the graphical front-end used for Informix Genero Runtime System. It is designed for multi-platform functionality, and will run on Windows systems, Mac OS X, and Linux. The Desktop Client can also be embedded in an HTML page using ActiveX (on Windows systems using Internet Explorer).

Informix Genero Report Designer

Report Designer is the primary tool which allows creation and design for reports and outputs drawn from business data. The methods allow you to import from existing 4gl forms and to use object oriented design methods in a graphical interface to design and create customized reports.

Informix Client SDK

IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (CSDK) provides a bundle of several API’s that are optimized for developing applications for Informix Servers.

Informix Tools Support Pages
Informix Database Server Support Pages
Information on Contacting IBM Technical Support

Genero® is a registered trademark of Four J's Development Tools Europe Ltd.

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