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Fix List for Lotus Quickr Connectors 8.5

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What follows is a list of fixes included in the latest fix package for IBM Lotus Quickr Connectors 8.5.


To download the latest fix for Lotus Quickr Connectors 8.5, go to IBM Fix Central. The readme file included in the fix package contains a description of the problems fixed.

For your convenience, this fix list information is repeated below.

Lotus Quickr Connectors version 8.5 HF13 is cumulative and contains fixes for:

Key features of HF15

  • Addressed migration problem for in Connectors config for customers migrating to Quickr for Portal 8.5 from Quickr for Portal
  • Addressed problem where not all Connectors objects were digitally signed causing problems with some browser/OS security settings
  • Port Quickr 8.2 Connectors feature to help shorten Connectors cache path length
  • Fixed issue with “New from DocType” and PowerPoint where file extension can be wrong
  • Fixed Outlook Connector problem with email editor “To:” field loses focus
  • Fixed issue where opening “quickr://” links can fail to prompt for credentials
  • Added feature where Connectors can default to current time when editing empty date metadata fields
  • Fixed a problem causing a crash in SAP application when using MS Word as an editor
  • Fixed a problem with the Notes Connector where “Save to Place” can fail if sideshelf is not opened

Key features of HF13

  • Added a feature to force Connectors to use .docx in Microsoft Word 2007 and 2010
  • Added a feature to allow suppressing links to qkrconn.exe in Explorer with "send link"
  • Fixed a problem with some configurations of Quickr Domino where users who enter an incorrect password in Notes Connector cannot retry without restarting Lotus Notes
  • Fixed issue where Outlook emails are uploaded as personal drafts
  • Added feature that allows opening .eml files with an external .eml viewer in Notes Connector
  • Fixed a problem with Hebrew and Arabic and the Notes Connector
  • Fixed a problem where Excel documents can fail to upload
  • Fixed a problem with dragging and dropping folders that contain pages with attachments

Key features of HF12

  • Added Support for Proxy PAC files in Lotus Notes Connector
  • Fixed problem with Microsoft Excel .xls files not updating correctly

Key features of HF10

  • Fixed issue in Quickr Domino with creating and navigating very deep directory structures in Windows Explorer
  • Added Support for Notes 8.5.3
    • Note: Quickr Connectors 8.5 do not support Lotus Symphony 3.0, which is the Symphony version that ships embedded within Lotus Notes 8.5.3. For Quickr Connector functionality in Lotus Symphony 3.0, either stand-alone or embedded in Notes, you use a Symphony plug-in available on the Lotus Symphony site. The latest plug-in is Lotus Quickr Connector for Lotus Symphony - Updated for Symphony 3.0. (To avoid confusion, the Symphony Connectors package will be removed from future versions of the Quickr Connectors installer. When installing the Quickr Connectors 8.5 HF10 to a Notes 8.5.3 client, de-select the Symphony component for the install to complete successfully.)

Key features of HF8

  • Attachments with errors in cache do not show errors on Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit Connector
  • Compatibility mode problem working with ".pptx" files
  • Error when adding document to Sametime Client Meeting Room from Quickr folder
  • Lotus Notes doesn’t show warning when opening file from local cache (server-side fix also needs to be installed)

Key features of HF7
  • Windows 7 64-bit support, including Windows 64-bit Explorer Connector
  • Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit Connectors
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit Connector
  • Fixed problem in HF6 where MS Word can crash opening Quickr-D attachments directly through the Office Connector

Key features of HF6

  • Quickr links to content migrated from 8.2 to 8.5 fail
  • Increase default timeouts for file transfers with Windows Explorer
  • Fix issue opening remote Word “.doc” templates with Office 2007 creating “.docx” files
  • Fix problem with SPNEGO and “Add to Place” feature affecting document check-in in Office
  • Fix problem with in Office Connector with multi-attachment forms/pages
  • Add feature to pre-populate Quickr server drop-down in Add Places dialog
  • Fix problem with Excel Compatibility Mode and “.xlsx” files
  • Fix Connectors install problem with Swedish locale

Key features of HF5

  • French translation changes
  • Option to suppress Connector install when sending .qkr file links through Explorer
  • Prevent Lotus Symphony 3.0 lock files from being uploaded
  • Fix problem with multi-language custom property editing through Connectors
  • Fix problem with “upload unsuccessful” errors with Microsoft Excel during document save
  • Fix problem with Places context menu to upload new documents outside to Quickr
  • Fix problem with SiteMinder SMSESSION cookies being overwritten
  • Fix problem where edits of documents can be lost when document is closed without saving with an expired session

Key features of HF4

  • Fix problem with abnormal tree view after refreshing trash content in MS Outlook
  • Fix Symphony issue where Add Place dialog fails to pop up
  • Fix problem where Connectors install fails with Notes Multi-User install with Data directory on network share
  • Fix threading violations developing custom authentication extensions with Expeditor Connectors

Key features of HF3

  • Fix issue where duplicate servers may be added with trailing slashes
  • Fix issue where Versions “created date” in versions dialog shows “Last-Modified” date
  • Fix issue where user’s can get the wrong authentication prompt with auth extensions installed
  • Fix issue where concurrent work on multiple versions of the same document can cause one user to not be able to open a version when versioning is enabled

Key features of HF2

  • Support for Lotus Quickr for Domino 8.5
  • Support for Lotus Notes 8.5.2
  • Support for Lotus Sametime Standard 8.5
  • Backwards compatibility with Lotus Quickr for WebSphere Portal
  • Backwards compatibility with Lotus Quickr for Lotus Domino 8.2
  • Extensive additional testing and fixes against all server back-ends.

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