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Health Checker tool for WebSphere Portal V6.1

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The Health Checker tool allows you to run a verification of your WebSphere Portal settings before applying the fix pack itself to better plan your upgrade.
This document describes how and when to use the Health Checker tool for WebSphere Portal V6.1.


During a WebSphere Portal Server Fix Pack upgrade, the WebSphere Portal Update Installer validates that the Portal Server can be started, that WebSphere Application Server, Portal Server, and Database userids/passwords are valid and that WebSphere Application Server has been updated to the correct maintenance level. To perform these checks before an actual upgrade, use the instructions listed here:

1. After you download and extract the (latest) WebSphere Portal Updates Installer, the following two files will be in your Update Installer directory

2. Extract (or if you have Portal Express) to <wp_home>. If you are asked if an existing file should be overwritten during the extraction state yes.

3. Run command: (or .bat) -DRequiredWAS=<version> action-health-check-validation
where RequiredWAS is the WAS version that is a pre-requisite of the Portal Fix Pack that you are installing.
For example, the required 6.x WebSphere Application Server version for Portal Server is -DRequiredWAS= action-health-check-validation

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