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The following example provides JCL to allow MAINVIEW to execute a REXX EXEC.


Here are some common scenarios when using this example can be helpful:

  • You are using a batch job to do an IEBCOPY of a program that you know is pre-loaded in an MPR. If the IEBCOPY is successful, you now want to stop and start the MPR that pre-loaded the program to again pre-load the new version. Use this as a second step to your IEBCOPY job to issue the /STOP REGION JOBNAME MPR1 command and the /START REGION MPR1 within the EXEC "EXECNAME".
  • You have a test database that needs to be reloaded. You can add a step to the beginning of your reload job to issue the /DBR DATABASE DB1 GLOBAL... command. Then add a step at the end of your reload job to issue the /START DATABASE DB1 command.

The "EXECNAME" can be written in REXX. Also, the MAINVIEW IMS task "SS(MVI1)" must be running.

Note: Be cautious of the IMFSUBEX batch job step return code. 2048 indicates the EXEC was scheduled and the EXEC returned a zero return code. A job step return code less than 2048 indicates MAINVIEW did not successfully schedule the EXEC. A job step return code greater than 2048 indicates the EXEC set a return code, the return code value was added to 2048 then the result was used as the job step return code.

//      PARM=('SS(MVI1)',
//      'EXEC(EXECNAME)',
//      'TARGET(IMS1)',

Example submitted by:
David Pearson

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