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Downloading SPSS Amos 20.0

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This page describes how to download SPSS Amos 20.0

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IBM® SPSS® Amos™ is an easy-to-use structural equation modeling (SEM) program that tests relationships between observed and latent (unobserved) variables to quickly test hypotheses and confirm relationships.

Release notes
PDF installation documents and user's guide

To download a product, go to the IBM Passport Advantage® Web Site and then:

  1. Do one of the following:
    If you are a returning customer, sign in.
    If you are a new customer, register.
  2. If the Software download & media access window appears, click I agree.
  3. In the Find downloads & media window, click Download finder.
  4. Under Download finder, select the download you want, and click Continue.
  5. Under Select criteria, select a language and one or more platforms.
  6. Under Download options, select the options you want, and click Continue.
  7. Under Review “Current version” downloads, expand Current version and under Description, select the download you want, expand it and select the items you want.
  8. If applicable, under Select optional downloads, expand and select the items you want.
  9. Under Review downloading specifics, update the Download method or the Download location, if you want, and then click I agree, and click Download now.
  10. In the Initial Setup dialog, change the Default download location, if you want.
  11. If you are prompted, click OK to create the directory where you want the downloaded items to be stored.
  12. Click OK to begin the download.

When the download has finished, Download complete appears in the Download Director dialog.

The required and optional parts for each product are listed and described in detail. There is an option to download each licensed eAssembly. Each eAssembly contains all of the required and optional downloads needed for a particular product and platform combination.

Downloading and assembling the product
      1. Download all of the parts that you need, both required and optional.
      2. Unpack each of the parts into a single temporary directory on your system.
      3. Follow the installation instructions provided in the download to install the product.
    The following table list all the parts available for IBM SPSS Amos 20.0

    Parts and Platforms eImage
    IBM SPSS Amos eAssembly CRFJ9ML
    IBM SPSS Amos Client 20.0 Windows Multilingual CI20IML
    IBM SPSS Amos Documentation 20.0 English CI20JEN
    IBM SPSS Amos Documentation 20.0 Japanese CI20KJA
    IBM SPSS Amos Quick Start Guide 20.0 Multilingual CI07LML
    IBM SPSS Statistics Concurrent User Licensing Server 20.0 Multilingual Multiplatform eAssembly CRFJ6ML
    Sentinel License Manager 64-bit 8.2.2 AIX English CI07UEN
    Sentinel License Manager 64-bit 8.2.2 HPUX English CI07VEN
    Sentinel License Manager 32-bit Linux English CI07WEN
    Sentinel License Manager 64-bit 8.2.3 Linux English CI07XEN
    Sentinel License Manager 64-bit 8.2.1 Solaris English CI07YEN
    Sentinel License Manager 8.3.0 Windows English CZZZ4EN
    Sentinel License Manager 8.2.1 Mac English CI227EN
    Sentinel License Manager Tools 8.2.1 Windows English CI07ZEN
    Sentinel Protection 7.4.0 (hardware key) Windows CI080EN


    See the installation instructions for a list of requirements. English installation instructions are available in eImage CI20JEN. Japanese installation instructions are available in eImage CI20KJA. Installation instructions in both languages are also available at IBM SPSS Amos 20 Documentation.

    Download package

    Note that the product download above is available on Passport Advantage. Future fix packs for this product will be distributed through Fix Central.

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    More support for: SPSS Amos

    Software version: 20.0

    Operating system(s): Windows

    Reference #: 4029598

    Modified date: 2011-08-30