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IBM Rational Build Forge Fix Pack 3 for Version 7.1.1 (

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This document describes how to download and install this fix pack to IBM Rational Build Forge Version

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This Fix Pack contains a set of fixes for the Build Forge 7.1.1 product.

If you are installing this version as your first installation of Build Forge, see the Prerequisites.

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: If you are using Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere (RAFW) in conjunction with Rational Build Forge or are planning a full installation, you must use the non-architecture specific full-install files to upgrade.

The following feature was added for this fix pack:

  1. Terminate Threads is a new system configuration setting. It determines what happens when a threaded step fails. If set to Yes, then if a thread fails, all other running threads are terminated, unless the step is set to continue on fail. The default is No which preserves previous behavior.

Release information for RAFW is available in document 7017525:


One of the following conditions must be met:

  • IBM Rational Build Forge version 7.1.1 (or version 7.1.1 with any of the subsequent fix packs applied) is installed on the host.
  • Installation Manager version 1.2 or later is installed on the host where you install Build Forge.

Obtain Installation Manager here:

The Installation Instructions mention Launchpad and an included version of Installation Manager. Those features are not included in the Fix Pack. Start Installation Manager, then follow the instructions for running Build Forge installation.

Before installing this Fix pack, stop Build Forge and back up the database.
Full Install file 1 - all platforms English 1508367000
Full Install file 2 - all platforms English 1024321000
AIX Console update only install English 365272000
Linux Console update only install English 343961000
Solaris Console update only install English 355382000
Windows Console update only install English 328981000
HPUX agent English 766000
iSeries Agent English 126000
Mac Agent English 301000
Linux agent RPM English 592000
RHEL 5 agent RPM English 619000
Solaris9 agent English 697000
BF Agent source kit English 4900000
Windows Agent English 3600000
AIX agent English 776000
AIX agent (without pam support) English 776000
Zlinux agent English 915000
zlinux Installer English 1300000000

Installation Instructions

Download the Installation Instructions and other documentation at the following locations.

Installation Guide English 3309111
Help English 4238275
Release Notes English 58266
Zip file - all documents English 4695568

Download package

Problems solved

This release contains fixes for these APARs:

APAR Headline
PK94577 bfagent.exe terminates when severAuth user is logged into the system
PK94679 bfsched dies every night if schedules are set
PK95920 Zombie pureges are not removed and left to run idefinitely
PK96859 Assign Hidden Produces Unexpected Output Results
PK97448 Perl Doc Shows Incorrect Access Method for propertyValue in a manifest
PK98252 The new use of PHP sessions has the potential of logging users off erroneously
PK98356 A unique index needs to be added to bf_envopt for bf_enventry_id and bf_seq
PK99348 SubversionByRev adapter template svn_diff command using incorrect parameters
PK99401 Schedule job configured with "project default" environment will copy project environment.
PK99646 Error using encrypted password With the target was_common_configure_federate_ihs_server target
PK99660 Unable to start webserver after federation with was_common_configure_federate_ihs_server
PM00160 Projects with no steps will still allow Quick Start run
PM00509 Notifications are not sent when well formatted email address cannot receive mail
PM00603 User can't view any steps in a build log if the user's bf_preferences.bf_action build.viewcount is set to an empty string
PM00626 The resync env button for MySQL uses an IN query for a large table resulting in timeouts
PM01137 Error message for not having correct group access needs to be better
PM01139 Project level env does not get applied when a sched has an env
PM01145 Filtering on classes with DB2 backend fails
PM01151 Restarting a pass chain project spews out BF_... vars and project variables
PM01188 Build Forge - Step with filter applied always passes upon a timeout, regardless of filter match status
PM01852 User settings within BF > Details tab don't stay set if another user changes there settings
PM01985 .load fails to work with $CLEARCASE_VIEW variable
PM02090 Adaptor Doesn't Run when used in a pass chain
PM02097 Project fails and threaded inline steps are canceled if parent of failed inline step is set to continue on failure
PM02145 The BSET command intermittently does not substitute variables within properly
PM02364 7112 migration fails to migrate non-list environment variables using Oracle backend
PM02712 .set does not allow for a variable to be used to dnote the environment group name
PM03189 BF - when using _USE_BFCREDS, we try to pull the LDAP domain from the wrong field

Technical support

Knowledge bases are available for Build Forge all product editions.

IBM Rational Build Forge Support Page:

IBM Rational Build Forge Enterprise Plus Support Page:

IBM Rational Build Forge Standard Support Page:

Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the knowledge base.

As problems are discovered and resolved, the knowledge base is updated and maintained with new information. By searching the knowledge base, you can find workarounds or solutions to problems. The following links run customized queries of the Support knowledge base:

View all known problems for Rational Build Forge version

View all known problems for Rational Build Forge

View all known problems resolved for Rational Build Forge version

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Problems (APARS) fixed
PK94577, PK94679, PK95920, PK96859, PK97448, PK98252, PK98356, PK99348, PK99401, PK99646, PK99660, PM00160, PM00509, PM00603, PM00626, PM01137, PM01139, PM01145, PM01151, PM01188, PM01852, PM01985, PM02090, PM02097

Document information

More support for: Rational Build Forge

Software version: 7.1, 7.1.1,,,

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: Enterprise, Standard

Reference #: 4025288

Modified date: 08 June 2010

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