Russia abolishes "WINTER" time

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TWSz has been updated to correctly handle seasonal time changes with regards to Russia.


Russia has passed legislation eliminating the yearly switch between standard time and daylight saving time. The country set its clocks forward for the last time on March 27, 2011, making "daylight saving time" Russia's new "standard time".
Tivoli Workstation Scheduler for z/OS APAR PM50347 updates TWSz to correctly handle this change.

All users of the TWSz E2E (END-to-END) scheduling function who are located in the country of Russia, or who have data centers running on "Russian Time", or who are running work through TWSz to systems located in Russia or running on RUSSIAN TIME need to apply the fixing PTF for this APAR to ensure that all scheduled work will run at the correct time.

Fixing PTFs for APAR PM50347 are:

UK73011 for TWSz V8R3M0
UK73012 for TWSz V8R5M0
UK73013 for TWSz V8R5M1
UK73031 for TWSz V8R6M0

These PTFs will be available on or before Monday 24OCT11.

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