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GENTRAN:Director - Documents stuck in send queue - verify settings (SCI4340)

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GENTRAN:Director - Documents stuck in send queue - verify settings (SCI4340)


Multiple reasons could cause documents to get stuck in the send queue. The factlist provided shows some of the most common reasons to look for.

Resolving the problem

Verify facts, then follow up. Priortize as follows:
1. Verify software version (both Director and COMMERCE:Connection)
2. Check comm log and retry a new comm session after a reboot
3. Delete queued up comm jobs, and comm sessions.
4. Try refreshing queued document(s), or deleting/recreating/reposting document(s)
5. Check Comm profile in Partner Profile
6. Backed out any recent changes made to the Partner Profile and try resending
7. Deleted and rebuilt partner relationship, recreated document, retried comm session.

If additional assistance is needed, escalate to a Solutions Support Specialist.

Historical Number


Product Alias/Synonym


No recent changes, i.e., test/production flag, were made to the partner
profile associated with the problem documents. (if so, back out recent change
and try resending)
No comm sessions found in Unattended folder.
stuck document(s) from Interchange drawer (blue envelope) back to workspace,
deleted "queued" documents from Interchnage drawer & Send queue, reposted and
retried sending the document(s).
Comm log has no error messages. If
"communications failed", rebooted, and retried a new comm session.

Partner Profile has a valid Comm Profile/Connection Type selected
queued comm jobs.
For more on deleting gencomsv files, see related
article: PRI1908
The relationship has been deleted and recreated, new
document created, retried comm session
Verified no missing
Using latest version of Director.

Document information

More support for: Sterling Gentran:Director

Software version: All

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1542413

Modified date: 07 October 2011

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