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No audio on a softphone call when using Windows 7

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Why don't you hear audio on a softphone call when using Windows 7 ?

Resolving the problem

Windows 7 has a Default Device setting and a new Default Communications Device setting that did not appear in earlier versions of Windows.

On Windows 7, the Sametime Telephony, Audio and Video preferences page lists Default Device for consistency with other Windows platforms. However, because the Default Communications Device is the device used for computer calls on Windows 7, at the operating system level users should make modifications to the Default Communications device rather than to the Default Device. If you have selected a different device under the Sametime Telephony, Audio and Video preferences, it is recommended that you set it back to "Default Device" and familiarize yourself with the Windows 7 Sound options to resolve audio problems.

A Default Communications Device can be selected for both Playback and Recording from Hardware and Sound within the Windows 7 Control Panel if you have more than one Playback and/or Recording device. It will show a green phone icon if it is different to the Default Device (if it is the same only a green tick will show). Right-clicking on a device that is not the Default Communications Device will give an option to set it as the Default Communications Device.

When you are not using a headset, the Default Communications Device should typically be set to Speakers/Headphones for playback and Microphone Array for recording.

When using a USB headset, the Default Communications Device should be set to the appropriate USB device's speakers and microphone.

You should find that after you have set the Default Communications Device first without the USB headset attached and then after it was attached that it is used automatically by SUT when you plug it in.

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