DB2 agent causing high CPU usage

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The DB2 agent 6.22.1 uses 25% of CPU when monitoring a db2diag.log large 1,2GB.


If the db2diag.log size is huge, the agent's process absorbs high CPU right after starting. After the agent has parsed all records in the DB2 log file, the CPU consumption decreases.

Resolving the problem

In the agent's config file there are two parameters to control the db2diag file's parsing:


For more details on these parameters you can check the User Guide.

From the DB2 side, we can check the following parameters to control the size of db2diag.log:

Modify the diagnostic error capture level (DIAGLEVEL) = 3
by changing DIAGLEVEL to 3 (errors and warning) or to 2 (no warning and all errors).

On DB2 V9.7 you can modify DIAGSIZE with db2:

Diagnostic error capture level (DIAGLEVEL) = 3
Notify Level (NOTIFYLEVEL) = 3
Diagnostic data directory path (DIAGPATH) = /db2/DPP/db2dump
Size of rotating db2diag & notify logs (MB) (DIAGSIZE) = 0

Another workaround is to create a script which periodically runs the db2 command:
"db2diag -A"
which creates an archive copy of the file to prevent the log growth.
Then you need to move the archive copy of the log to a different directory because the kud agent not only parses the db2diag files (db2diag*.log) but also the other notify file (*.nfy) of DB2 in the same directory.

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