Unable to access TM1 Contributor: The planning service parameter was not specified or is not one of the configured locations

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to access TM1 Contributor/TM1 Applications result in an error.


The planning service parameter was not specified or is not one of the configured locations


Incomplete configuration


Distributed Environment

TM1 9.5.2, Cognos 10, IntegratedSecurityMode=5

Resolving the problem

Due to security requirements, starting with version 9.5.2 the location of permissible planning services must be entered into the planning.html file.

This is required to keep users from being directed to improper sites.

The following line in that file must be updated:

// Update the following to point to the location of the TM1 server running Contributor service(s)
var planningServices = ["http://localhost:9510"];

Modify localhost:9510 to reflect the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the server name and port# where the TM1 Contributor/TM1 Applications service is installed in the environment (e.g Apache Tomcat, WAS cE or Cognos BI Apache):

var planningServices = ["http://machinename.domain.com:9510"]

NOTE: Do NOT add on "/pmpsvc/" to the end of the URL.

Once done, save the file, and try accessing Contributor again. It is not necessary to restart any services.

If that does not resolve it, the wrong machine name may be being used. To determine which machine name should go there, copy the URL that is in the browser when the error shows up (it will be a long one). Paste this URL into a text editor to look at it. Near the end of the URL there will be a "ps" followed by a machine name:port number. This is the machine name/port that should be in the planning.html file.

Here is a sample of what the URL may look like:

This would be the important part of the URL to focus on (the machine name:port after the 'ps'):

So, based on that URL, the planning.html file should be modified to look like:
var planningServices = ["http://machinename2.ibm.com:9510"]

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