What steps should be taken to migrate a 32 bit Traveler server to 64 bit server ?

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What steps should be taken to migrate a 32 bit Traveler server to 64 bit server ?



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Steps to migrate 32 bit Traveler server to 64 bit Traveler -

New 64 bit server will use the same server id, data directory etc. So that it will have everything same as that of old 32 bit server. You will have to prepare the new 64 bit Traveler server from the below steps and once it is fully ready, you can discontinue your old 32 bit server and make 64 bit server live.

The new 64 bit machine should be isolated from old 32 bit server since its is using the same server id. otherwise it will create problems. So you have to make sure that, these 2 servers are not able to communicate with each other and new server should not communicate with mail servers. So for that, you can either create an isolated environment or block the network ports like 1352, 25, 110, 80, 8082, 8642 etc for the new server.

1> Copy the data directory & notes.ini from old server to new 64 bit machine on the same path as that of your old path.
(You don't need to copy the contents of "IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT" directory as it simply contains logs and normally it is of big size.)

2> Remove Traveler task from notes.ini.

3> Change the IP address in following 2 parameters in notes.ini (if present) with your new IP of that 64 bit machine. This is required for Traveler.


4> Run the Domino 64 bit setup of the same version as that of your 32 bit Domino version. It will ask you for the Program directory path and data directory path. Just give the correct path where you have copied data directory and notes.ini. (The path of Program directory is path of notes.ini).
This will install the Domino 64 bit server. Don't try to change the version of Domino at this time.

5> Once the installation is complete then run the offline maintenance on all nsf databases from command prompt. (Do not start Domino server as of now)
e.g.- C:\Lotus8\Domino8.5\nfixup
Simply giving the command "nfixup" without any parameters will run the fixup on entire data directory.

6> Start the Domino 64 bit server now (Traveler task must be removed from notes.ini to prevent Traveler from starting). Make sure that, server is running properly and keep it running for 5-10 min.

7> Shutdown the Domino server now.

8> Run the setup of Traveler server of the same version as that of your 32 bit Traveler version. (Please note that, there is only one installer file for 32 bit and 64 bit versions. It will install the Traveler correctly depending upon your Domino 32 bit or 64 bit.). Don't try to change the Traveler version at this time. It must be same as that of your 32 bit version. Let the Traveler setup to complete.

9> Start the server now. At this time, Traveler server should be started with exactly same data state when the data directory is copied.

However this data will be somewhat old as new data will arrive on 32 bit server in this much time.

So to get the latest data from 32 bit server you need to copy the following data again.
"traveler" folder inside the data directory from old machine.

Once you copy above data again, you will have the latest data in new 64 bit machine.

When you are actually going to discontinue the old 32 bit server and going to connect all the users to new 64 bit serve, then you must shut down the 32 bit server first to avoid any further changes to data and then copy the above data to new 64 bit machine. Now new 64 bit machine will have exactly same data where 32 bit machine left.

10> The last step is to assign the same IP as that of 32 bit server to new 64 bit machine and map the same URL wherever necessary in firewall. So that new incoming traffic from internet can go to new 64 bit server. Also change the IP address in following 2 parameters in notes.ini (if present) with your current IP of that 64 bit machine.


11> If the new server is in isolated environment, then make it live now by unblocking the network ports.

12> Start the new 64 bit Traveler server now. All the users should be able to connect to new Traveler server now and synchronization should continue with new Traveler 64 bit server from the point it left the 32 bit server. Users don't need to register their devices again. They will not even notice any difference.

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