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Correct way to put workflow into edit mode

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How can I edit a workflow in the provisioning workflow composer?


By default all TPM workflows are read-only. To make the workflow editable in provisioning workflow composer log in as tioadmin to TPM server and issue the following commands:

>db2 connect to maxdb71 user maximo using <password>

> db2 update workflow4 set IS_EDITABLE='Y' WHERE WORKFLOW_NAME='Name_of_the_workflow'

For example:

> db2 update workflow4 set IS_EDITABLE='Y' WHERE

This should return: "DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully."

Note: you do not need to restart TPM after running these commands. You might need to wait for a couple of minutes before the MBO will get updated after the database update.

Then follow this procedure:

1. Click Go To > Administration > Provisioning > Provisioning Workflows.

2. Search for the provisioning workflow.

3. In the search results, click the name of the provisioning workflow that you want to view.


The provisioning workflow is displayed in the provisioning workflow composer. You can edit the provisioning workflow text now.

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