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NullPointerException accessing friendly URL

Technote (troubleshooting)


You request a friendly URL and Portal does not serve the requested page.


During a request for a friendly URL, WebSphere Portal writes the following to SystemOut.log:
Servlet       E handleException EJPEJ0070E: An exception occurred while processing the request.


The friendly URL resovled to an inactive page.

Diagnosing the problem

Assuming the test case of requesting:


Export the configuration by using ExportRelease as input to XMLAccess. Search for:

<parameter name="" type="string" update="set"><![CDATA[friendlyurl1]]></parameter>

Also, inspect the export for:

<url-mapping-context ... label="friendlyurl1" ...

You may also recreate the problem with these traces enabled:**=all

The selection-node in the following handleResolution trace message indicates the objectid of the content-node to which the friendly URL resolves. This may help expedite your review of the exported configuration:

ResolvedPrepr 2 handleResolution State after resolution: [...
<state type="navigational">
<selection selection-node="6_IHCC18K0G89IE0IB4GGI3F2GA8"/>
Servlet       E handleException EJPEJ0070E: An exception occurred while processing the request.

Resolving the problem

First, ensure only a single page resolves to this friendly URL. In other words, make sure that there are no conflicts between multiple friendly URL definitions or between a friendly URL definition and a URL mapping definition.

Second, ensure that whichever page resolves to this friendly URL is active:

<content-node action="update" active="true" ...>
<parameter name="" type="string" update="set"><![CDATA[friendlyurl1]]></parameter>

You may activate pages via the Manage Pages portlet or XMLAccess.

Key point: An inactive page may not share a friendly URL with an active page. In such cases, the friendly URL could resolve to the inactive page, resulting in this NullPointerException.

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Software version: 6.1, 7.0

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Modified date: 25 May 2011

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