Receiving 'An unknown error has terminated communication with the processor' message when attempting to create Custom Tables using the 'CTABLES' syntax command.

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I am attempting to create tables with syntax using the post-compute functionality added in Statistics 18.0. I am receiving the messages 'An unknown error has terminated communication with the processor. The PASW Statistics processor is unavailable' and 'SPSSengine has encountered a problem and needs to close'. I have encounter these errors when running the table syntax locally (on a personal computer) and on SPSS Server.

How can I correct this problem?

Resolving the problem

The behavior indicated in the the 'Problem Description' of this resolution has been identified as a product defect.

The behavior is specific to the 'CTABLES' syntax command when certain post-computes are added to the 'CTABLES' command. The ability to add post-computes to the CTables syntax command was added in Statistics 18.

The defect causing this behavior is scheduled to be corrected in the Statistics 18.0.2 patch. No work-around has been identified.

SPSS apologizes for any inconvenience this behavior may cause

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