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Opening Statistics data (*.sav) files stored on a network drive results in message 'Error opening Text Wizard File'. Files will not open.

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I am attempting to open Statistics (*.sav) data files stored on a network drive. I am receiving the message 'Error opening Text Wizard File'. The files will not open. What can I do?

Resolving the problem

Some network operating systems allow certain non-alpha-numeric characters to be used in folder and file names. These non-alpha-numeric characters can cause the Statistics program fail to interpret the file path information correctly resulting in this error. If non-alpha-numeric characters in the path name is the cause of this error, this can be corrected by:

1) Copying the file to the local hard drive and accessing this file using the Statistics File > Open > Data menu option.
2) Rename the network drive folder/file names to eliminate non-alpha-numeric characters

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