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SPSS Statistics 17: TITLE and SUBTITLE are displayed in print preview although they have been deactivated as output objects

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I am using SPSS Statistics 17 and have activated to hide Title and Page Title objects in the viewer under Edit - Options - Viewer tab. Normally I use a lot of TITLE and SUBTITLE commands for documentation reasons in my syntax files but I do not want to see these objects in my printed or exported output files. Therefore I have hidden them. However, when I run a syntax with TITLE and SUBTITLE commands in Statistics 17 these objects are hidden in the viewer but not in Print Preview and they are displayed on exported files.
Why is this?
To replicate you can run this syntax:
/IF LABELS =['Active Dataset']
GET FILE='C:\Program Files\SPSSInc\Statistics17\Samples\English\Employee data.sav'.
TITLE test.
SUBTITLE test test.
FREQ gender.


Resolving the problem

ThisThis problem has been reported to SPSS Development and is fixed with the Statistics 17.0.1 Patch.
We apologize for any inconvenience

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