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Plotting residuals from a regression procedure

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I am using SPSS and need to plot the residuals from a regression procedure. How can I do this?

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If you wish to plot the residuals against the dependent variable in your regression procedure, you can do so by simply clicking on the Plots button of the Linear Regression dialog box and using the *ZRESID, *DRESID, *SRESID, and *SDRESID variables (These variables are the standardized residual, deleted residual, studentized, and studentized deleted residuals, respectively). You can plot these variables against each other by placing them in the X and Y axis boxes in the Plots dialog box.

If you wish to use these residual statistics against other variables in the data file, you will have to use the Save button in the Linear Regression dialog box to save these variables in your active data file. You can save the residuals from the regression procedure into your active system file and plot them against any other numeric variable in your file. When you design the regression model in the dialog box, click on the Save button to save predicted and/or residual values as well as other values such as distances and prediction intervals. For example, if you request the unstandardized residual, a variable labeled RES_1 will be created at the end of the SPSS data file. A standardized residual variable will be called ZRE_1.

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