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Information Server 8.0.1 fix list for fix pack 3

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Summary of fixes included in Information Server 8.0.1 fix pack 3, with fixes grouped by components:


Information Server Fixes
Fix ID
Corrupt OMD files are not handles properly by runimporter
cleanup_abandoned_locks script not cleaning up sessions
Rollup of JR31114, JR30560, and JR30106.
Cross project compare aborts
XMETA session cleanup
Improved abandoned transaction cleanup and session cleanup
Performance decrease since installing FixPack 2
Information Server console hangs when trying to attach a WISD job
This enables the automatic restart of the ASB node agent after a crash
IS Fails to Deploy FastTrack Application Code Causing FastTrack Install to Hang on SUSE zLinux Platform (patch exists, is in fp2 branch)
Resource bundle corresponding to message key DSTAGE-TODC-00069 not found! Check that DSHOME or APT_RESPATH is set

Connectivity Fixes
Fix ID
XML stage on parallel canvass is unable to run with imported XML that has a period in the table name
Parallel job with XML Input stage aborts when there is a newline with no data after it at the end
Support for XML Rejects
Fix for Reject Link behavior
XML Pack not respecting local code page in non-nls Environment
Out Of Memory Exception in XML Importer
Job aborts when ~ is the last char in a VarChar column
DRS aborts when selecting from multiple tables
Ecase 117163
DRS plugin connecting to oracle intermittently give an error ORA-01480: trailing null missing from STR bind value
Ecase 127388
Can't read MQRFH2 fromat with MQ Connector
During extraction from a DB2 table field of vargraphic type, into a nvarchar type of field; Null characters are inserted
Server and parallel jobs are aborting randomly, core file in project directory
DB2 EE Stage using LOAD TRUNCATE with 0 rows, does not execute the command
The DB2 API stage needs to verify metadata definitions at connect time like DRS does
Data Stage does not load table with longnamed null columns using DB2/zOS stage
MQ connector not functioning properly
Parallel job hangs while trying to load data in DB2 using DB2 API stage
fatal message when reading NULL data using DB2 enterprise stage
issue with a parallel job with a MQConnector stage configured in the Request/Reply mode
Table truncation failure die to lock on catalog table sysfragments
sshServer_ to hold the server version
Information Server - DB2 Enterprise Stage has issue with range partition tables
Microseconds getting zeroed out in DB2 table with column defined as timestamp
DB2 connector inserting wrong value in table
MQ connector padding data incorrectly
DB2 Connector Stage job will report a successful completion however 0 rows were added
DB2 connector stage has error parsing underscore
Problem with partitioning key info on DB2 Enterprise Edition stage
MQ connector will not allow new properties to be added
DB2 Enterprise stage rollup
MQ connector incorrectly pads variable length SQL
Jobs with Informix Enterprise stage fails when loading duplicate records
Importing via Orchestrate Schema Definitions from DB2 target gives an error
Save As menu does not bring up proper options
DS752 job failed with "DB2_UDB_Enterprise_10 unrecognized argument"
While data is being loaded, internally data is stored as 2 parts
Import table definitions via DB2 plugin GUI showing odd characters
PXCFF stage, some operations not supported in dropdown
Non-null CHAR or VARCHAR columns from DB2 API lookup stage are changed to"0" or NULL when they are output along with the source columns
DB2 connector is unable to read or write CLOB data
CFF stage does not preserve row order in a multi-node configuration
Date field extracted from parallel DB2 API job is not correct
Drilldown in Information Analyzer not returning results
DSCAPI memory leak within Unicode environment
Information Analyzer jobs fail after applying patch JR31812
Job aborts when using the Reject link in MQ connector
Common Connectors could not handle "Description" field of Columns grid
Cannot use DataStage Client Shared Metadata Management UI to delete items from repository
DTS enablement for Teradata Connector in ver 8.1
In custom sql field in Teradata connector stage, using parameters in stead of table names makes the designer crash
Job fails to compile if there is no space in the before/after SQL
Warning message when updating a NULL from int8,int16,int64,uint8,uint32,uint64 into a smallint,bigint,byteint Netezza columns
Latest Netezza rollup with cumulative maintenance
Need Netezza upsert method to delete data in the target table
Netezza job hangs when running multiple netezza jobs on multiple node configuration
Abort when the create external table command exceeds 5000 chars in this command l
Netezza read operator not handling special characters in data
"Process Metadata not available in database" is always present in a job log from ODBC enterprise stage / Netezza stage
Netezza EE stage with 'Load Method=ET' always puts out a fatal error
Warning while running Netezza stage in sequential mode with multi-node config file.
Netezza stage NZLOAD gets: "FILE NOT FOUND" message when run with 2 nodes
Messages for Netezza stage running multiple tables get crossed
Netezza stage not able to handle non-ascii characters - import error and no default value
Problem occurred during job run, when trying to read int64 columns from netezza tables
NZLOAD command does not encrypt id/password
Netezza stage with nzload terminates abnormally when TMPDIR environment variable is set in a job.
Ecase 128018
ODBC Connector stage on AS400 not working
Using the ODBC EE stage with VarChar(2000) column results in "stage type not supported" message
SQL enterprise stage returns value of 0 for an integer instead of null
ODBC Connector stage with reject link failed
Partitioning range too narrow error in ODBC Connector job
ODBC connector stage fails to execute SQL
Warning related to -use_strings option, which is not implemented yet in ODBC enterprise stage
A PX ODBC EE job can fail with SIGSEGV or SIGBUS errors when varchar/char columns with the extended attribute of unicode are used
CLOB issue with null data ODBC_Connector_8,0: unable to determine field size
Error using ODBC Enterprise stage to read UTF8 simplified Chinese back into DataStage
When CHAR field defined with shorter length in DB2 stage than actual length in table it results in junk data
Job continues to run after ODBC fatal error message
Error when extracting data from DB2 on mainframe using ODBC connection
Allow use_string to be set by environment variable in ODBC stage
ODBC EE write with mode Upsert(insert only) truncating and/or repeating the data
Error generated by lookup stage when converting a nullable source to a non-nullable result
Slow performance of ODBC Common connector
Data truncation experienced when using SQL server 2005
Enable new datatype in SQL SERVER 2005: VARCHAR(MAX)
Need to grey out option for insertArraySize on ODBC Enterprise stage
Oracle upsert command fails with bounded raw fields when the APT_OLD_BOUNDED_LENGTH environment variable is set. Fatal Err
Large Oracle Operator queries do not fit into CharConverter buffer.
Single row option with Oracle8 partitioning does not work with other options
Oracle Enterprise error code not in the director log if the error is caused by "tablespace full"
Can not find a free dynamic SQL instance if there are more than 5 Oracle enterprise stages in a parallel canvass job
Oracle operator failing when nls is set to utf8/euc, but works fine with sjis
Using Oracle enterprise stage to load VARCHAR with an unspecified length (UNBOUND LENGTH), the data is truncated to 81 characters
Oracle enterprise load is not trapping SQLLDR warnings when rebuild index is selected
Adding new environment variable APT_ORACLE_TRIM_CHAR_TRAILING_SPACES
Oracle EE stage importing Oracle char datatypes as variable length DataStage datatypes
OCI plugin has a problem reading more than 1 CLOB; affecting view data and output
Oracle enterprise performing insert and update at the same time on large data volume and a large table gets a heap allocation error
Oracle OCI issue with handling long table names
Oracle OCI stage generates SQL with only 2 digits for the Year
Director log reports inserted row count for OCI incorrectly on Information Server fp1a
Error received using a table that has been partitioned by range and subpartitioned by range
Oracle enterprise stage aborts with a job stack trace beginning with : *** GLIBC DETECTED *** OSH: MALLOC(): MEMORY CORRUPTION
Oracle EE upsert stage with Unicode primary key columns causing full table scan
Oracle EE stage not implicitly converting column names starting with $
Oracle stage to recognize client character set in deciding schema
Database functions in Oracle EE stage user defined SQL do not work without aliased field name for function out
Orawrite warning: ORAWRITE OPERATORAPT_ORAINDEXREBUILD is not wave aware
Oracle EE now uses filter instead of join.
Oracle conventional load should allow trigger to resolve NOT NULL
Maintenance patch does not resolve the warning: "WHEN CHECKING OPERATOR: WHEN BINDING OUTPUT INTERFACE FIELD..."
Job with Oracle EE stage only works when date is sent in the format "DD-MON-RR"
Oracle EE STAGE performance degrades as column count increases
Problem with Oracle Stage extracting CHAR(1) field from AL32UTF8 DATABASE
Oracle EE stage does not handle variants well with large SQL statements
In SQL*Loader control file, NULLIF BLANKS clause is needed for DATE fields if PRESERVE BLANKS option is used
Spaces appended to VARCHAR2 columns loaded when PRESERVE BLANKS option is exercised.
Oracle Index rebuild failures to generate non-aborting Fatal messages
Oracle EE Lookup stage not processing end of file markers correctly.
Oracle enterprise stage not logging rejected row count in director log
Output link has strings when Operator makes ustrings as NLS_LANG is multibyte. This is resulting in conversion errors.
Oracle erorr should abort the job when reading rows, but job continues
Oracle EE stage getting ORA-01406 error when reading a number column
DS 7.5.1A OraOCI Plugin: Receiving error "Inserted value too large for column, row rejected." when column has special character
Oracle EE stage has unexpected spaces padded in VARCHAR column when selecting literal string and putting it in the VARCHAR column
Insert DML in upsert not reporting ORA-1403 Data not found when the insert SQL has a select and fails to select any rows.
Oracle EE stage is getting ORA-01406 ERROR when reading literal
Oracle EE stage bulk loading some numbers as NULLs
Oracle EE stage gets a SIGSEGV and creates a core dump at the end of the job
Server job: Column defined as CHAR(1) in a Lookup Oracle table contains invalid character on output
Oracle EE stage cannot read/lookup/upsert from/to NCHAR columns when DB charset smaller than DB nchar-set.
Performance degradation after applying JR34496
Importing table definition with Orchestrate schema definition returns locator information filled in with "UNKNOWN".
View data in Oracle OCI stage shows displays incorrect date format
Unable to insert a record into the table due to ORA-01722:NOMBRE NON VALIDE message
Bad format string for the default timestamp value in oralookup causing fatal error.
Performance issues encountered using Oracle EE Operator as Sparse Lookup
enhance serviceability of Oracle operator by printing APAR number with the patch info in the log files
Print Oracle NLS settings to log file for easier debugging
Need to print log messages with Oracle version for easier serviceability
Oracle operator now linked with Oracle 9I
Only use SKIP_INDEX_MAINTENANCE=YES only when rebuilding indexes.
Corrupt parameter file causes sql*loader session to fail to start.
Oracle enterprise stage returns different result sets depending whether the partition table is specified or not
oraread dumps core if query has a numeric literal.
Job fails when using multiple ORAWRITE stage in a single job and it corrupts the work files
Web services job randomly aborts with Array Index out of bounds error
Stored Procedure stage fails with invalid cursor state error when connecting to SQL server
Stored procedure fails when no data is updated
Job will fail with a fatal error when trying to access a Sybase table with a column name longer than 30 characters
Sybase not accepting microseconds in timestamp field
The setting DS_NO_PROCESS_METADATA does not work.
Sybase Enterprise Stage ASE Write does not allow the use of commit(batchsize).
Sybase Enterprise stage incorrectly pulling table schema
Sybase Enterprise stage returns the value of '10' for every row read when the column is of type unsigned integer
Customer is getting error when calling stored procedure from pre-insert command in Sybase
Enabling Re-connect option for 8018 error as well
Resolved race condition in checkpoint synchronization code
Change lower-limit for sleep_ to 1 minute
Implemented DS_NO_PROCESS_METADATA setting so it works
Fix for "trailing blanks" in user-defined-sql
Back propagated terasync-password option
Optimized session-usage
Fail the TDEE job on DBS-errors during load
Missing rejects from slave instances
Made 64K buffer as default

DataStage Fixes
Fix ID
Type Mismatch" Error when copying and pasting stages from one sequence job to another
Problem with setting partitioning type in transformer
Special characters in job name cause job compare to abort
Parameter set used in a job activity stage can not be hard coded
SCD stage not keeping NLS locale setting after compilation.
Add tracing info for Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) stage
Spaces are missing in the user-defined SQL of an ODBC stage
DataStage is importing QS rules to a protected project
DB Connection changes are not reflected in the ODBC connector stage
Thai locale setting on Windows causes incorrect date/time stamp display
Enhancement ot handle an unsigned decimal in PXCFF stage
Column list is not populated in QUERY BUILDER until one condition is entered manually
Type Mismatch Error when copying and pasting stages from a sequence job to an other one.
Designer crashes after selecting "VIEW" in comparison result frame
Pressing the button twice to view data will return an error
When PARAMETER SETS are imported form a protected project, they get the "READ ONLY" flag set and can not be changed by administrator.
Large number of links on DTS or Transform cause the client to hang
unable to set different buffer settings when you have two input links
Need to disable the tools/Designer and tools/Director menu options via registry key
Internal Client Build - OCX Compatibility Problem
Using DSCC.EXE to provision custom ruleset causes a Java core dump
Deleting columns in CFF stage, saving, and then reopening the job, columns come back.
Issue with the I/P link order on the LOOKUP stage
Problem with "view data" parameters in sequential file and dataset stages.
Autopurge log errors caused by OshWrapper problem.
Low data values modified in XML stage
SYBASE OC stage gives error for unsigned integer
IPC files created by WISD jobs must be manually removed
Jobs with parallel shared container using parameters and a db2 stage fail with error: Parameter not resolvable: DSCAPIOP_
QualityStage-only license does not allow QS jobs with basic transforms to import
Server Job lops logging "Run stopped" messages after aborting
When importing sequential file definitions with quotes, the quoted field gets NUMERIC type
DSJOB fails even if job finishes successfully
DSD.RUN remains in "running" state, even after the job has finished
Changing the Oracle Connector Enterprise stage after the data connection is applied will lose the connection information
Fix 'error executing phantom command - cannot open file &PH&.
Force compile compilation option removes local job message handler.
Performance improvement: Remove unnecessary usage of DSGetNewestLogID from DSRunJob.B
Resetting an instance of a job inside a sequence may produce status error 99.
Receiving "SYSTEM.NULLREFERENCEEXCEPTION" error while exporting from the Designer
Doing a "job compare" crashes the designer
Problem updating a job schedule when that job is scheduled multiple times
Sometimes the DataStage job's multiple instances are not getting instantiated
Enhance dsadmin commandline tool to support protection and unprotection of projects.
DSGETJOBINFO() function returns the incorrect cached value
CFF stage is returning odd data when there is a semicolon in the description
DSGETJOBINFO with "DSJ.JOBELAPSED" option is reporting the incorrect time when the job runs past midnight
When interprocess row buffering is enabled on a server job, it will cause a core dump if it is reset immediately after it aborts.
Datatype NVARCHAR is causing character truncation
SEQUENCER is taking a long time to initiate when a large parameter set is used
Changing the parameters in a restart attempt of a job sequence gives an error
PXFP003 - RTg40sg10 - Test10 - Job aborts with 'Error loading "dsjobsh": Could not load "dsjobsh": Not enough space'
"DSJOB -RUN -JOBSTATUS" returns "21" even if a job worked ok
dsjob XML report is truncated
Compile erorrs encountered when a large number of parameter sets are used
Jobs scheduled immediately when scheduling type "NEXT" has a value of less than a full day
Need an env variable to set directory permissions to enable View Data functionality
For "DSJOB -LOGDETAIL -WAVE 0" setting, sometimes the entire job log is returned.
Encountered "UNKNOWN ERROR" message when reading record schema
A "while" loop in STRPATHNCMP() is trying ot access beyond the end of memory.
The SUBSTRINGS function and str[x,y] notation in BASIC
Set a timeout value in the uvrpc_read_packet() call of dsrpcd
Check that DSHOME environment variable <= 128 characters
ICONV ("D") with delimiters having smaller length than format delims
NUM function with a string containing only whitespace causes access violation on Windows. JR30394
Provide env variable to assign the printer shared memory segment key
Retry mechanism for EXECUTE CAPTURING on Windows when unlink() fails
Prevent shmtest from hanging on 64 bit Redhat OS.
Reinit variables before calling SQLColAttributes for all platforms & return correct scale from ODBCSRVDescribe for ZSUSE
Correct reference count reset to prevent file header corruption & close other timing windows.
Set the close-on-exec flag on the dsrpc socket's file descriptor
Prevent a user from obtaining a FILELOCK if another user has a WR lock on a group in the file.
Error occurs when Information Server is installed on an an OCFS2 system
Job hangs waiting for file sort
Intermittent job crashes where a /tmp/select* file grows until the partition is full
Connection to a remote dsrpc daemon through dsjob fails with status code 81016
Trim(FmtDP()) may cause abnormal termination

DataStage Parallel Engine Fixes
Fix ID
Ecase 134074
Bug in the Transformer stage preventing compilation
Compile taking too long
Performance stats after Modify command did not display
Problem with SIGABRT message
Teradata plugin not handling single quotes correctly
PX Job with lookup running on more than 2 nodes failed with execution mode set to sequential
Import column stage in the job fails when imported data are set as ustring
Fatal Error: Transfer does not have this output interface as its destination
"TIMET_FROM_TIMESTAMP" returns invalid results for DATES < EPOCH
DataStage Parallel jobs which run daily have been intermittently failling with 139 error
HP Itanium DSEngine starts with unresolved symbol error after applying FixPack 2
Rollup patch for pxengine redhat
Cannot compile a parallel job containing a transformer with a reject link in it
Single quotes in user-defined SQL statement no longer work
Performance analysis results in error as data format is incompatible after applying a Parallel engine fix
Salesforce encrypted passwords become corrupted when they are very long
Warning message when deleting TEMP score file from c:/TMP
Danish characters cause compile errors on Windows
Under high load, jobs abort with the error:”APT_PMListenerPort: socket call failed: Resource temporarily unavailable"
Bounded length fields use storage equal to their max length instead of the actual data length, causing persistent datasets to use more storage than necessary.
Machine log files from the resource tracker in /tmp are not being automatically deleted in accordance with CLEANUP_INTERVAL.
PX job returns error of: APT_SC::DOWNCAST ERROR
JOBMONINIT errors on startup if PXEngine/lib is already in the LIBPATH
Resource tracker /tmp/machineLog.xxxx files are not purged
Fork failures at job startup time do not show errno
Client fix to remove error: "APT_RESETS_NEW_XML=1: is not an identifier"
Path search error using FTP stage in DataStage enterprise jobs
PX jobs leaving files in &PH& directory on windows
Error occurring on clicking performance analysis on HP-UX
An error will occur saying Fatal Error: unknown block format in jobs where the customer is using a fixed length schema and has changed the default block format size using APT_DEFAULT_TRANSPORT_BLOCK_SIZE. Changing the default block size is common when using the XML stage.
Single quote in value of parameter or value hard coded in SQL being dropped
Job aborts when multiple lookup stage lookup inputs are partitioned differently
Change Message: U_TRUNCATED_CHAR_FOUND to make this a warning only, not a fatal.
Osh player process memory consumption growing without bound when certain transform functions are used on large datasets.: timestamp_from_seconds_since(), string_from_timestamp()
Default Trim string function behaves differently with IS NLS when compared to DS .
Transform function IsValid("uint32","-799 ") gives the wrong results
PX Job doesn't abort despite fatal error raised by filter stage IS
Resource Estimation failing with heap allocation errorl
Fatal error during job execution: "Null value on the accessor interfacing to field fieldname" causes the job to abort.
transform upper_case function doesn't handle accented characters properly on HP Itanium
Performance problem in handling records containing null values using Netezza import function
SCD stage creates new records when changes have not occurred.
Using the "dont_quote_nulls" schema property with the DataStage Parallel Engine DB EE stage can result in degraded performance when processing string data values.
Default Trim string function behaves differently with IS NLS when compared to DS .
Jobmon crashes when server is running on Danish locale
Memory usage of resource_tracker continuously increases.
Job aborts when using Join stage with multi-node configuration
Change Capture Stage produces incorrect out with timestamp datatype IS 801 fp1a on RHEL 4
Decimal separator issue with Turkish locale
Node map constraints set in the surrogate key generator stage are ignored
Sequential file stage file pattern option does not allow any valid shell expressions
AIX lookup stage null handling error
Need a way to specify environment var. to turn off synching of files to disk at end of a run
SCD stage compile gives errors

Information Analyzer Fixes
Fix ID
Column Analysis against tables with large records fails with timeput error
Column Analysis against Informix source fails in base profile job

Information Services Director Fixes
Fix ID
Services are being deployed incorrectly

QualityStage Fixes
Fix ID
Ecase 127353
Match override weight not having an imoact on match scores
Undup independent needs to be made end-of-wave aware for real-time applications
IS 8.1 MATCH spec does not copy and keep order when copying to new MATCH spec
Match spec does not stay in order after being copied
Can not provision QualityStage Match and Rules via command line tool

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