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"Error 404...Entry not found in index" when accessing iNotes mail file through Redirect database

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When a user authenticates to the iNotes Redirect database over the web, they are presented with the following error instead of being redirected to their mail file:

Error 404
HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not found in index


This behavior is usually the result of an invalid profile document for the user. For example, this can occur if Personal Options are enabled in the iNotes Redirect database and a user populates the "Alternative Mail File Display Name" field in their WMRProfile with any character other than A-Z or a space.

Any future attempt by this user to authenticate and be redirected to their mailfile through the Redirect database will immediately result in the error, even if the admin disables Personal Options in the Redirect database settings

Resolving the problem

To resolve the problem for this user, it will be necessary for the admin to perform one of the following steps:

1) Recreate the iNotes Redirect database. This database is only used for storing redirection settings and personal options for a user, which define the specific iNotes user interface to display upon redirection. You can safely create a new iNotes Redirect database using the iwaredir.ntf template, verify your redirection settings, and configure the server to use the new database. Profile documents are not created for users in the new database until they make any changes to their "Personal Options"

2) Create an agent to delete the invalid profile document(s) in the current iNotes Redirect database. The following article on the Lotus Notes and Domino Wiki provides an example of two LotusScript agents that can be used to accomplish this:

The typical cause of this issue, where populating the "Alternative Display Name" in the WMRProfile can result in a 404 error, is being tracked in SPR# JBEN889GZS and is fixed in 8.5.3.

Also, an enhancement request has been submitted in SPR# WRAY823RHP, and is being considered for a future release, to mitigate all issues that result from the use of profile documents to store settings in this database.

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