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When will the transition to full IBM Support happen? What changes will we see at that time?

Full integration to IBM Technical Support will be completed in April 2011. Please view our series of customer webinars designed to help you with the transition to support at IBM.

Will there be any changes in how I contact Technical Support?

Locate your IBM Phone Number for Technical Support on IBM's Worldwide Directory.
View our IBM Registration Quick Start guide to get started online.

What's my IBM Customer Number (ICN)?

Your IBM Customer Number, commonly referred to as your ICN, is required when you phone for technical support and when you register to submit cases online. Contact your IBM Primary Contact or Site Technical Contact to get your IBM Customer Number.

Who are the IBM Primary and Site Technical Contacts for my organization?

Primary and Site Technical contacts are set up for each SPSS account that has been set up on the IBM systems at the time of migration or when new orders have been processed. Please contact the person who placed the order for you, your Account Representative or contact Client Care for assistance in identifying your Primary and Site Technical Contacts.

How do I receive my software upgrades that I am entitled to under maintenance?

Upgrades for IBM Customers are available via electronic software download on the IBM Software and Services web site.

If you have questions about your renewal, please see the SPSS Subscription and Support web page.

How will I obtain a license for the new software I purchased?

When you buy product, you receive an email communication with a link to our self-service portal that will provide you with license and download information. Please see our Licensing Videos for additional assistance.

Can I continue to receive older versions of the software?

Our policy is to make available products that are support by IBM. Should you have a critical need for a version no longer supported contact Client Care.

How will I access patches/maintenance releases for my product?

We have begun posting patches (known as Fix Packs at IBM) on the IBM Fix Central. You will specify your product -- please choose "Information Management" as your "Product Group" and then choose your product from the "Product" drop down.

Should you have a critical need for a patch for a version no longer supported contact Client Care.

How long will my products be supported?

The end of life for current SPSS products may be found in our Product Lifecycle Charts. Current shippable SPSS products will have a 5 year life cycle from the product release date. View this Product Mapping document to see the product name changes with the migration to IBM. For older products, see our Product Support and Compatibility charts.

Will support to students change?

Web-based support for students continues at IBM. Use this Student Registration link to register for support at IBM.

Does IBM offer a premium level of support services?

Yes, the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program is a premium level of service offering that facilitates customer plans for deployment, upgrades, and emerging technology integrations through dedicated staff working pro-actively supporting targeted business plans.

How do I get non-technical support issues resolved?

Our Client Care team is here to assist you with all non-technical support issues, including but not limited to; entitlement, license management, and navigating the IBM web site.

Where can I find education or training related information for the SPSS products?

Refer to SPSS Training information on the IBM web site.

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