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Most Loaded Hour report value is not accurate

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The Most Loaded Hour displayed on the Most Loaded Hour (MLH) report is not the hour the highest accumulated load is met for the given resource/metric association.


It has been observed that the Proviso Dataview report called Most Loaded Hour (MLH) sometimes doesn't display the peak hour (the hour the highest accumulated load is met for the given resource/metric association).

Instead, it actually shows the hour the highest collected value for that resource/metric association belongs to.


This is working as per the current design.

The current design is as follows:

The Most Loaded Hour (MLH) report operates in two modes:

1. Default Mode:
In the default mode, the MLH is determined (and can be different) for each resource in the group. For the sake of efficiency, the MLH is identified based upon the 'max time' value predetermined by DataChannel when the Raw Aggregated (RA) records are created. As the raw data is being collected, DataChannel records the time associated with the maximum value during the aggregation period. DataView is able to use that predetermined time rather than having to re-process all of that raw data within the report period in order to identify the MLH.

Once the max time has been determined, the MLH can be identified as the hour in which the max time occurred. For example, if a particular resource/metric association is 09:18, the MLH will be 09:00 to 10:00. Having determined the MLH for that resource, all raw data within that single hour is aggregated into the statistical value (i.e. avg, sum) to be displayed in the report. This minimizes the amount of data to be queried/processed from the database.

2. User-specified Hour Mode :
In this mode, the user of the report is able to specify the hour for which raw data is to be aggregated/display in the report. This specified hour is used for all resources in the report and may not be the actual MLH that would be identified in the default mode. As in the default mode, all raw data within that specified hour is aggregated for display in the report.

Resolving the problem

No solution for now as it works as designed.

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Systems and Asset Management Netcool/Proviso DataView Solaris, AIX

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Software version: 4.4.3

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris

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Modified date: 18 October 2010