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Viewing a record form from ClearQuest Web results in FieldName is null or not an object error

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After adding or renaming a field control in the record form definition in the schema design, attempts to view a record form from the IBM Rational ClearQuest Web client results in the error "'FieldName' is null or not an object".


Here is the full error message:

Error Message in Internet Explorer.
[ 'FieldName' is null or not an object ]
Error Message in FireFox.
[ f[i] is null ]


The record form definition might not be refreshed when testing the schema on the ClearQuest Web Client. This issue was identified as a product defect under APAR PM20323.


Test User Database with ClearQuest Web Client Only. The problem is specifically with the CMServer.

Resolving the problem

The defect is fixed starting in ClearQuest versions and It is recommended that you upgrade to the latest fix pack to avoid encountering this problem.

One of following solutions can resolve the problem temporarily :

Solution 1: Removing the CM server's cache folder ' cqweb-ua '

  1. Stop the CM Server and ClearQuest Web services. Refer to the Starting, stopping, and restarting CM Server topic of the ClearQuest Information Center.
  2. Remove the CM server's cache folder ' cqweb-ua ' in <install dir>\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\CM\profiles\cmprofile\temp\dtltNode\server1\.
  3. Start the CM Server and ClearQuest Web services.
  4. Test with your user database on the Web client.

Solution 2: Export/Import the form definition
  1. Check out the schema in the ClearQuest Designer.
  2. On the record type, Create a new dummy form " New1 " and mark it as record Form.
  3. Export the submit form and record form.
  4. Delete the forms.
  5. Test and Check in the schema.
  6. Check out the schema.
  7. Import the two forms.
  8. Mark as Submit form and as Record Form for each forms.
  9. Delete the dummy form " New1 ".
  10. Test with your test database on the Web client to see if the error is solved.

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