Snapdiff backup does not update the last backup date for the file space

Technote (troubleshooting)


An incremental backup with -snapdiff option is run and completes successfully, but the filespace "Last Backup Completion Date/Time" field is not updated with the current date/time.


Working as designed

Diagnosing the problem

The snapdiff option is for backing up NAS/N-Series file server volumes that are NFS or CIFS attached. Run an "incremental -snapdiff" of a volume and use the QUERY FILESPACE F=D Tivoli Storage Manager administrative command to query the backed-up volume. The "Last Backup Completion Date/Time" field is not updated.

Resolving the problem

When the snapdiff option is used with the incremental command, the operation does not update the completion date and time of the last incremental backup.

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