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IBM FileNet P8 Platform 4.5.1-001 documentation refresh



The documentation for IBM FileNet P8 Platform has been refreshed in the information center and in the installable ecm_help package.


The IBM FileNet P8 documentation refresh includes edits for consistency and accuracy, as well as technical changes that have resulted from documentation defects.

FileNet P8 Platform Installation and Upgrade documentation

All significant technical changes are marked in the planning and installation documentation as follows:

  • In the PDF versions of the documentation, changed sections are marked in the left margin with a vertical dashed line.
  • In the HTML information center version of the documentation, changes are marked at the beginning and end of each changed section with blue angle brackets.

In addition to technical updates, the FileNet P8 Platform installation documentation contains the following significant changes:
  • The FileNet P8 Platform Installation and Upgrade documentation now includes topics and tasks for the newly introduced Content Engine Web Upgrade Tool to simplify upgrades from versions 3.5.2 to version 4.5.1.
  • The Plan and Prepare Your Environment for IBM FileNet P8 documentation now includes a topic on what issues to consider if you are upgrading a version 3.5.2 FileNet P8 domain into an existing version 4.5.1 FileNet P8 domain.
  • The topic “Setting the statement cache size value for the GCD database” has been removed.
  • The FileNet P8 Platform Installation and Upgrade documentation now includes a Troubleshooting section.
  • The documentation installation instructions provide an option for using the online information center as the source for component help.
  • The information center provides new, separate installation documentation for the FileNet Integration for Microsoft Office product.

The Installation and Upgrade Worksheet includes a number of edits for accuracy, completeness of coverage, and the order of the component entries. These changes are not marked in the worksheet itself. Also, the following major components are added:
  • IBM ECM Widgets
  • FileNet Integration for Microsoft Office
  • InfoSphere Enterprise Records (formerly FileNet Records Manager)
  • IBM FileNet Business Process Framework
  • Content Engine Web Upgrade tool

P8 Platform Help

  • Updated procedures for setting up Content Engine Java and .NET API client development environments Procedures for setting up thin and thick client development environments are updated to provide additional information.
  • New procedures for setting up Content Engine Java and .NET API IDE projects are added to the Getting Started > Procedures section of the IBM FileNet Content Engine Java and .NET API Developer’s Guide.
  • Documentation for the IBM FileNet Business Process Manager and Content Manager products is now available in accessible formats.

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Document information

More support for: FileNet Content Manager

Software version: 4.5.1

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1430393

Modified date: 07 January 2017

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