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Differences between URI connection information in Rational Team Concert

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In the Advanced Properties configuration section of the IBM Rational Team Concert v2.0 Web User Interface, there are two connection URIs configurable. The first is "Public URI Root" found under the advanced configuration heading. The second is "Web Home URI". What is the difference?


The Public URI Root is the URI which is used to access the Jazz product (Rational Team Concert, Rational Requirements Composer, or Rational Quality Manager) Server Web interface. It corresponds to the Advanced Configuration as seen below. In the Advanced Properties configuration page, if you hover over the "Public Root URI" title, the official description is: This repository may have an alternate hostname through which it can be publicly accessed. If this value is non-null, then this repository root will be used as the basis of absolute URIs that are made available outside of the Rational Team Client and server, such as e-mails, URIs copied to the clipboard, the Web UI, and so on.

To ensure the consistency of the URI being sent in team invitations, or e-mails regarding your Jazz Team Server, configure the Public URI. In the example below, the Public URI Root would be configured as
https ://JazzServer:9443/jazz. This ensures all users will access the Web interface using the same URI as defined by the Public Root.

The Web Home URI configuration is noted as being only used if there is a different "public" address for the server.
Therefore, this configuration should be set if your Jazz server can be accessed by a different URI, other than the primary Public Root URI.
This configuration is only available in 2.0 and was removed in later versions.

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