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How to create a Report Specification for a Custom Report Template

Technote (troubleshooting)


This document describes how to create a report specification for a custom report template.


Following message may appear:

RSV-VAL-0010 Failed to load the report specification CCL_ASSERT(getName().empty() != TRUE);
the model is not loaded when the template is applied.

The lines shown in bold are resolving this.

Resolving the problem

Open Report Studio.

  1. Create a new report. For more information, see the Report Studio Professional Authoring User Guide.
  2. From the File menu, click Convert to Template.
  3. From the Tools menu, click Copy Report to Clipboard to save the report specification XML.
  4. Paste the report specification into an XML editor or text editor.
  5. Delete the following information, which Report Studio adds to the XML file and which is not necessary for the template:
    • The xmlns attribute of the report element.
    • The template attribute of the report element.
    • The value of the name attribute of the query element. Delete the value, but leave the double
    • quotation marks.
    • The value of the name attribute of the page element. Delete the property name. It should look then like <page>.
    • The value of the refQuery attribute of the list element.
  6. Add a new template element as a parent of the report element.
  7. Add a name attribute for the template element. Administration and Security Guide 495, Chapter 31:
    Customizing the Appearance of IBM Cognos 8
    The name you enter appears as the name of the template in the new report dialog box.
  8. After the template tag add <modelPath/>
  9. Save the report specification.
Here is an example of the initial part of a report specification created in Report Studio. The portions
to delete appear in bold.
<template name="List - corporate">
<report xmlns=""expressionLocale="en"
<query name="Query1">
<pageBody class="pb">
<list class="ls" refQuery="Query1">
<CSS value="border-collapse:collapse"/>

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