Technology Pack Installer Hangs

Technote (troubleshooting)


When performing a Tech Pack install, the GUI does not display "Finished" as expected, but just hangs and does not complete the installation.


Tech Pack GUI Installer hangs.


Incompatible/untested version of java

Resolving the problem

Check the APInstall.log, located in the /var/tmp directory, a timestamp will be included in the file name, e.g. APInstall1258068715247.log. Grep the log for the string 'ERROR'. Entries that match the following are an indication that an incompatible/untested version of java was used.

20091112 172824 ERROR [APInstallApp.doConfReload] Error encountered performing confReload:Connection refused
Please ensure current user has execute permission on confReload

Additional logging can be enabled by use of the ' - debug ' option when running the Tech Pack Installer as per the installation instructions;

[pvuser@tiger2:~/TechPacksPlusInstaller] java -jar ProvisoPackInstaller.jar -help
Usage: java -jar ProvisoPackInstaller.jar [-pack pack.jar | -all] [-PVUser username]
[-PVUser username][-PVPW password][-PVHost host][-PVSid sid][-PVPort port]
[-SSUser username][-SSPW password][-SSHost host][-SSPort port][-SSDB dbname]
[-all][-pack pack.jar][-silent | -showProg][-logFile logfile][-debug]

-PVUser username: User for proviso system that has sufficient permission to install the Technology Packs.
-PVPW password: The password for PVUser.
-PVHost host : The host name for connecting to the proviso data base.
-PVSid sid : The proviso(oracle) Sid for the proviso system
-PVPort port : The port configured for connection to the proviso system.
-SSUser username: Silverstream user with sufficient permission to install style sheets and localization jar
-SSPW password: The password for SSUser
-SSHost host : The Silverstream host name
-SSPort port : The exposed port for the Silverstream server
-SSDB dbname : The proviso data base name given to Silverstream (default DV)
-all : Will cause the installer to attempt to install all packs found in the distribution
directory. Default if neither all or pack is declared.
-list : Will print a list of packs the installer can find. The list option should be used by itself,
due to the installer exiting after =list is run.
-activateRequests: Will cause the installer to keep track of which collect requests it installs
and will set them to active at the end of the run.
-noConfReload : will prevent confReload from executing during the install.
-pack packName: Will install the pack specified (Use -list to find pack names).
Multiple ?pack parameters can be used with a single install.
-silent : Will suppress all UI. If sufficient parameters have not been specified for all login information
to connect to Silverstream and oracle, a silent install will fail
-logFile logfile: User specified log file name (location) default ./APInstall.log
-debug : Include debug logging statements in the log file.
-version : Output only the version of this installer.
-help : Print this usage.


1. java -jar ProvisoPackInstaller.jar
Will try to find a local store of login information, then launch the install wizard
to collect any information not found.

2. java -jar ProvisoPackInstaller.jar -PVPW pv -SSPW spv -silent
Will try to find a local store of login information to collect the remaining login information
then install all packs located in the run directory silently if the silverstream and oracle login
information is valid.

3. java -jar ProvisoPackInstaller.jar -pack Pack1 -pack Pack2
Will limit the wizard to only showing the packs listed with -pack or if sufficient login and -silent
is specified, will only install the listed packs.

Refer to the APReleaseNotes documentation for the supported version(s) of java required for the corresponding version of the Tech Pack (4.3-V, 4.3-W, 4.3-X, etc.).

If problems were encountered during the confReload commands, the Tech Pack Installer process can be terminated, and as a temporary workaround, the confReload commands run from the command line if needed (UBA based packs do not require confReload). The supported version of java should be installed for future installations and upgrades.

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