DSCLI commands to check progress of replication manager copy

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What dscli commands can be used to check on the progress of a replication manager copy session?


Normal product usage


You can run these DSCLI cmds to check progress:

* lspprc -l -fmt delim 0000-FFFF (for Metro Mirror and Global Copy)

Here is a sample output. Look at column 5 for Out of Sync Tracks (in this case the value is 225):

ID,State,Reason,Type,Out Of Sync Tracks,Tgt Read,Src Cascade,Tgt Cascade,Date Suspended,SourceLSS,Timeout (secs),Critical Mode,First Pass Status,Incremental Resync,Tgt Write,GMIR CG,PPRC CG,AllowTgtSE,DisableAutoResync
--------- ------------ - ----------- --- ------- ------- ------- - -- -- -------- ---- -------- -------- -------
1600:6600,Copy Pending,-,Global Copy,225,Enabled,Enabled,Invalid,-,16,60,Disabled,True,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,Disabled,False

* lssession -l 16-17 (for Global Mirror)
LSS ID Session Status Volume VolumeStatus PrimaryStatus SecondaryStatus FirstPassComplete AllowCascading
16 02 Normal 1600 Active Primary Copy Pending Secondary Simplex True Enable
17 02 CG In Progress 1700 Active Primary Copy Pending Secondary Simplex True Enable

*Note: FirstPassComplete=False can occur during initial full copy and also when copyset's OOS tracks gets to a high percentage (bandwidth cannot keep up with changing tracks), so cannot form CG groups

* showgmir -metrics 23 (for Global Mirror)
ID IBM.2107-xxxxxxx/23
Total Failed CG Count 230
Total Successful CG Count 15730
Successful CG Percentage 98
Failed CG after Last Success 0
Last Successful CG Form Time 04/21/2009 09:37:49 EDT
Coord. Time (milliseconds) 50
CG Interval Time (seconds) 0
Max CG Drain Time (seconds) 60
First Failure Control Unit IBM.2107-xxxxxxx
First Failure LSS Not Available
First Failure Status Error
First Failure Reason Max Drain Time Exceeded
First Failure Master State Drain in Progress
Last Failure Control Unit IBM.2107-xxxxxxx
Last Failure LSS Not Available
Last Failure Status Error
Last Failure Reason Max Drain Time Exceeded
Last Failure Master State Drain in Progress
Previous Failure Control Unit IBM.2107-xxxxxxx
Previous Failure LSS Not Available
Previous Failure Status Error
Previous Failure Reason Max Drain Time Exceeded
Previous Failure Master State Drain in Progress

There are other commands like showgmiroos cmd to display the number of unsynchronized (out of sync) tracks for the specified Global Mirror session

Go to DS8000 InfoCenter Website to download the "IBM TotalStorage DS8000 Command-Line Interface User's Guide", or view it online at the link below.

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