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Collecting Data : ITCAM for SOA 7.1.1 and 7.2

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What ITCAM for SOA logs are required for Problem Determination ?


Information/document required for SOA problem determination

Please provide the following information from the environment having the problem:

  1. All platforms (operating systems) related to the issue.
  2. Version of ITCAM for SOA.
  3. Name and Version of the App Server (ex: WebSphere 6.1)
  4. Result of the following command from all the platforms listed in 1 above
    From "<ITM_HOME>/bin" directory,
    **Windows : "kincinfo -i"
    **Unix : "cinfo -i"
  5. Helpful snapshot if appropriate
  6. Logs : Send DC and TEMA logs.
    Use the following table to send additional documentation for your specific case.

Abbreviations and Definitions:
DC Data Collector
TEMA Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Agent (ITCAM for SOA Agent)
Tivoli Enterprise Portal
Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server
Tivoli Common Object Repository
SOA Domain Management Server
Data Power
IBM Tivoli Monitoring

Problem Occurring : Collect Doc for :
SDMS and Topology View
  • DC log and the Description of what you expect the view to show
  • If "performance summary" NOT working, send TEMA logs using following link - (for TEMA logs)
  • If "operational flow" NOT working, send SDMS and related TEPS logs using following link - (for SDMS logs) (for related TEPS logs)
History Data not available
  • TEMA log
  • TEPS log
  • Warehouse Proxy Agent log
  • TEMS log,
If SOA is not directly connected to a HUB, then send Remote TEMS log
(Discovery Library Adapter)
  • DC log and TEMA log
  • SDMS log and TCORE log
  • TEMA log
  • TEPS and TEMS log
Data Power Appliance

Collecting Data Collector (DC) Data
Note :
1. Please turn on UpdateTracing_610 takeAction to collect DC trace, if possible.
Click this for the UpdateTracing_610 takeAction instruction =>

2. Zip/Tar up following directory from SOA installed machine of your specific platform.

** Windows
Location <ITM_HOME>\TMAITM6\KD4\logs and all its subdirectories
<ITM_HOME>\TMAITM6\ KD4\config

** UNIX, Linux and z/OS
Location <ITM_HOME>/<os>/d4/KD4/logs and all its subdirectories

Collecting Monitoring Agents (TEMA) Data

Note : Zip/Tar up following directory from SOA installed machine of your specific platform.

** Both Windows and Unix
Location <ITM_HOME>\logs\<hostname>_d4_<timestamp>*.log files

Collecting ITM TEMS and TEPS Data

Note : Use following provided link to get the data for your specific ITM component error case.

All ITM V6 Components
TEMS ** Windows, Linux, Unix, z/OS
TEPS ** Windows, Linux, Unix
TEP ** Windows : <ITM_HOME>\CNP\logs
** Linux/UNIX : <ITM_HOME>/<os>/cj/logs

Collecting TCORE and SDMS Data

Note : Zip/Tar up following directory from TEPS installed machine of your specific platform.

** Windows
Location <ITM_HOME>\CNPSJ\profiles\ITMProfiles|logs\ITMServer\SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log

** UNIX, Linux
Location <ITM_HOME>/<platform>/iw/profiles/ITMProfile/logs/ITMServer/SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log

Collecting for ITCAM for SOA and WebSphere DataPower Problem Determination

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Document information

More support for: Tivoli Composite Application Manager for SOA
ITCAM for SOA (Dist)

Software version: 7.1.1, 7.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2008

Reference #: 1407069

Modified date: 03 November 2010

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