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AWSJPL506E sched cannot be submitted, scheduled time is later than end time

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Is there a workaround for the AWSJPL506E error without extending the plan?


If the "scheduled" time for a jobstream to be submitted is later that the "Production plan end time:" in the database then the jobstream cannot be submitted.


Yes, the "scheduled time" can be specified to a time that is earlier than the "Production plan end time" value.

The reason for the AWSJPL506E message when submitting jobs or jobstreams is because the "Scheduled Time" is beyond the "Production plan end time". To view your production plan end time you can run 'planman showinfo'. The output of this command will be similar to this:

Plan creation start time: 08/01/2012 06:00 TZ CDT
Production plan start time of last extension: 08/18/2012 06:00 TZ CDT
Production plan end time: 08/22/2012 05:59 TZ CDT

The expected time for "Production plan end time:' is one minute before the start of day.

In order to keep the plan the same size and perform submits that would otherwise have a scheduled time beyond the "Production plan end time" you must specify a scheduled time that is earlier than the "Production plan end time" while performing your submits.

From the command line a schedule submit using the 'at' flag will look like this:

conman "submit sched=<SCHED>; at 0400 08/20/2012; alias=<SCHED1>"

From JSC or TDWC, specify a date/time in the "Scheduled Time" field of the "Submit Jobstream into Plan" or "Submit Job into Plan" submit panel that is earlier than the "Production plan end time."

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