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Receiving SQL30082 RC 3 when connecting from a remote client

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Why do I receive the SQL30082 rc=3 error when I try to connect to a database from a remote client ?


The database manager configuration parameter, called AUTHENTICATION is not set to the value of CLIENT.


Here is a snippet of the dbm cfg output showing AUTHENTICATION set to 'SERVER'.

Database manager authentication (AUTHENTICATION) = SERVER

With this authentication setting, the user ID and password are sent from the client to the server and therefore the authentication takes place on the server.

If the password was not provided, the connection attempt will fail with the following error:

SQL30082N Security processing failed with reason "<reason-code>"


An error occurred during security processing. The cause of the security
error is described by the "<reason-code>" and corresponding
"<reason-string>" value.

The request did not include a password.

To workaround this error, you can set the database manager configuration parameter, AUTHENTICATION to 'CLIENT'. This needs to be set on the server, using the following command:

db2 update dbm cfg using authentication client

After setting the AUTHENTICATION parameter, the dbm cfg output should look like this :

Database manager authentication (AUTHENTICATION) = CLIENT

An AUTHENTICATION value of CLIENT indicates that all authentication takes place at the client. No authentication needs to be performed at the server.

1.Setting the database manager AUTHENTICATION parameter to CLIENT means anyone that can log on to the client will be able to connect to the server.

2. After setting the AUTHENTICATION parameter to CLIENT, two other parameters determine the final authentication type: trust_allclnts and trust_clntauth.

The default setting of YES for trust_allclnts and CLIENT for trust_clntauth will workaround the error.

For more information on this parameters, please check the following URL :

trust_allclnts - Trust all clients configuration parameter
trust_clntauth - Trusted clients auth. configuration parameter

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