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About Sametime Gateway 8.0.2 Hot-Fix Three (HF3)



Sametime Gateway 8.0.2 Hot-Fix Three (HF3) is available


The Sametime Gateway 8.0.2 HF3 contains important fixes and is highly recommended for all Sametime 8.0.2 Gateway installations. It is also the supported release to be compatible with both R1 and R2 versions of Microsoft Office Communication Server (OCS) 2007.

List of Fixes
SPR Number Description
DCUY7JJN5Z If chat window is left open for more then 1 minute, new messages will be lost. Problem only happened in page mode ( legacy and Yahoo ) .
GNAM7M69LA Notifies hanging between the proxy and AOL preventing disconnection to AOL community every 60 seconds due to non provisioned fake FROM domain in keep-alive requests
GPEY7NYLAM When a SIP re-subscribe request is responded with a SIP response code 481, a new SIP SUBSCRIBE request is being sent. this helps to achieve stable awareness in deployments where the remote party doesn't support fail-over. Recycling the server in such environment will cause an existing subscription to be purged and a SIP 481 to be sent for all SIP request based on those session, creating a new SIP subscription will regain awareness automatically, user will not be affected.
GPEY7NYLFU Stop trying to re-subscribe for SIP response code 404 and 604 on SIP SUBSCRIBE request
GPEY7NYLJE When a SIP NOTIFY request is being timed out, a message is being send to the log
GPEY7NYLS6 STGW should buffer user level errors
GPEY7NYLL3 When a SIP NOTIFY request is time-out, the gateway will try to resend it to overcome a temporary network outage
GPEY7NYLM8 When resolve for email address, an 404 SIP error code is being send instead of a 500 SIP error code
GNAM7PXMAV When resolve for email address, an 404 SIP error code is being send instead of a 500 SIP error code
GNAM7QCM3A Failover: server# 1's dead presence sessions are being re-used on server#2 when server#1 crashes
VROI7K26AA Gateway - memory to memory replication appears to not work as expected
RSVN7QFNKE Sametime Gateway- VP connector: Rase condition on resolvers buffered requests
RSVN7PYNLK Fetch - Subscribe requests simultaneously - no notification received on one of the requests
GNAM7PGURV AOL user can't see ST user - possible race between fetch and subscribe
GNAM7PA9FL Sametime Gateway does not completely connect to ST - no awareness
GPEY7P4BBV External user awareness is not regain after node failover
GPEY7P4AQL IO Exception is being thrown to the log when system initializes
ISCO7RZAKU The OCS community is not granted after adding not granted other community
ISCO7RZAYV A new SUBSCRIBE request is sent on the "403 Forbidden" error return code
ISCO7RRP8K External subscribe continues after MAX_SUBSCRIPTION_OVERFLOW error
ISCO7RQFF3 OCS clearinghouse option gives error "400 Malformed route header"
ISCO7RHEZN 500 Internal error is returned to unauthorized INVITE
ISCO7RHA3D SUBSCRIBE request every minute is sent if "404 Not Found" return code is received
ISCO7RGJ6P 500 Server internal error for MESSAGE to offline ST user
ISCO7P4KM4 OCS server sends re-subscribe and new subscribe on user that can not be resolved by Sametime Gateway
DTUL7NR7JA Sametime Gateway OCS: N-way from OCS fails if one of the recipient is a ST user
ISCO7MFGTS OCS Busy should be "in a meeting". Currently OCS user appears as DND in ST Connect.
KABS7TAE62 0x80000006 error if OCS is in DND or Busy status


Download Sametime 8.0.2 HF3 from IBM Fix Central.

Installation Instructions

Installing HF3
a. If you have already installed 8.0.2 HF1 then you need to follow documentation in the file named Upgrading_Gateway_V8021_HF1_to_V802_HF3.doc

b. If you have not installed 8.0.2 HF1 then follow documentation in the file named Upgrading_Gateway_V802_or_8021_to_STGW802_HF3.doc

Installing WebSphere Application Server Fixes
The following fixes are only needed if you have a stand-alone sametime gateway environment. IFPK92033 .pak IFPK94001 .pak IFPK95931 .pak

1. Stop the Sametime Gateway
Copy the Fix Packs ( IFPK92033 .pak, IFPK94001 .pak, & IFPK95931 .pak) you have downloaded using the link above into the update installer maintenance directory.

The maintenance directory default location is:
On Windows: C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\UpdateInstaller\maintenance\

Launch the update installer:
(for example, on windows: C:\Program Files\IBM\WebSphere\UpdateInstaller\update.bat)

Note: It takes a few seconds to actually show itself on the screen.
1. Click next on the welcome screen.
2. The update installer should automatically find the installation location of the AppServer Directory, if it does not, type it in yourself:
For example, on Windows: C:\PROGRA~1\IBM\WEBSPH~1\APPSER~\
After you have verified the installation directory, click next.
3. On the operation selection stage, leave the default on "install maintenance" and click next:

4. On the "maintenance Package Directory Selection" stage, provide the maintenance directory where you placed the files. For example, on Windows:

5. The installer automatically analyzes the dependencies between the packages and marks the recommended packages for installation.
6. Click next on the "installation summary" screen to start installing.
7. Click next to finish the installation.
8. Exit the update installer.
9. Bring up the Ssametime Gateway

Document information

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Software version: 8.0.2

Operating system(s): AIX, IBM i, Linux, Windows

Reference #: 1393043

Modified date: 14 January 2011

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