E_NOT_AUTHENTICATED error when accessing http://<ce_app_server_machine_name>:<port>/FileNet/Engine

Technote (troubleshooting)


When accessing http://<ce_app_server_machine_name>:<port>/FileNet/Engine from the browser after FileNet Content Engine had been deployed on IBM® WebSphere 6.1.x, a user got the E_NOT_AUTHENTICATED: The user is not authenticated error.


See the sample stack trace in details below.

    Startup Context Key Value
    exception com.filenet.api.exception.EngineRuntimeException: E_NOT_AUTHENTICATED: The user is not authenticated. at com.filenet.apiimpl.core.UserPasswordToken.getSubject(UserPasswordToken.java:127)
    com.ibm.ws.util.ThreadPool$Worker.run(ThreadPool.java:1473) Caused by: com.ibm.websphere.security.auth.WSLoginFailedException: No user CEMPAdmin found at
    Caused by: com.ibm.websphere.security.CustomRegistryException: No user CEMPAdmin found at com.ibm.ws.security.registry.ldap.LdapRegistryImpl.checkPassword(LdapRegistryImpl.java:343)


The "No user CEMPAdmin found" error is an indicator that an incorrect Engine-ws.ear has been deployed. The CEMPAdmin is the default user.

In this case, the installation of the "pre-release" of P8PEClient-4.0.3-002 patch on the Content Engine box creates two Engine-ws.ear files in two different directories as follows:

  • Drive:\Program Files\FileNet\ContentEngine\lib
  • Drive:\Program Files\FileNet\ContentEngine\lib\<NodeCell>\<server>

When Content Engine was redeployed on WebSphere 6.1.x, a wrong Engine-ws.ear file was deployed.


Windows 2003, Websphere 6.1.x

Resolving the problem

1. Determine the correct Engine-ws.ear that needs to be deployed. On the Content Engine Server, execute the BootstrapConfig java application from the command line against each Engine-ws.ear file.

Here is an example :

C:\Program Files\FileNet\ContentEngine\lib>java -jar BootstrapConfig.jar -e Engine-ws.ear -l

Cryptographic cipher algorithm = XYZ
Cryptographic cipher provider = null
Cryptographic key length (in bits) = 128
Cryptographic message digest algorithm = AAA
Cryptographic message digest provider = null
JNDI datasource name (XA) = DomainABX
JNDI datasource name (non-XA) = DomainDS
Keystore handler class name (with package) = null
Master cryptographic key = ********
Password associated with username = ********
Username of an app server administrator = CEMPAdmin

2. When the correct Engine-ws.ear is determined, use Task 16 on page 219 at ftp://public.dhe.ibm.com/software/data/cm/filenet/docs/p8doc/40x/_install_guide.pdf to redeploy the Content Engine.

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