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Condition Monitoring in Maximo

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Is there a way to define and record measurement points for your assets in Maximo?


In Maximo you can use the Condition Monitoring application to define acceptable upper and lower limits for meter measurement readings that can help you to decide when preventive or emergency maintenance should be initiated for your assets.

Condition Monitoring allows you to set upper / lower warning limits, upper / lower action limits, and PM limits which you can then associate with a specific PM and or job plan. These limits will be associated with a specific asset and meter type which you will record measurements against.

Once you have defined your limits for the asset / location you can then begin entering measurement points which will document meter readings at a specific time in the asset's history. These measurement points will then be used to decide whether or not work should be done on your asset.

After it is determined that the meter readings are outside of your predefined limits, you can use the Condition Monitoring application to generate work orders against your asset using the "Generate Work Orders" option from the application's Select Action menu.

For information on how use monitoring points to automatically generate work orders, please follow the link below to document 1410400 (Setting up Measure Point Wogen Crontask)

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