Error: Failed to update the System Registry

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Failed to update the system registry. Please use RegEdit
when launching or after installation of Impromptu on Windows 95.

Error Message :

Failed to update the system registry. Please use RegEdit.

Resolving the problem


This error is referring to a problem writing the entries for Impromptu into the system registry. If the product fails to register it may be due to one or all of the following:

1. The OLE2.reg file may need to be registered. Double click on this file. A message will appear stating Information in C:\Windows\System\OLE2.reg has been successfully entered into the registry. Retry launching Impromptu.

2. The Impadmin.reg ( or Impuser.reg if using the User version of Impromptu) may need to be registered as above.

3. The problem may be with erroneous entries in the registry. Remove Impromptu and run Regclean. Regclean is a Windows 95 utility which will
validate all entries in the registry. After running Regclean, reinstall Impromptu.

4. Run a scandisk and Defrag before installation to avoid installing on a fragmented drive.

5. If the above fails it may be necessary to rebuild the registry. Contact your systems administrator or Microsoft for information on rebuilding the registry. NOTE: Backup the registry before making any changes. Invalid entries in the registry can cause severe system problems and are not to be taken lightly.

NOTE: When running Regclean, you will be prompted to make an UNDO disk/file. It is strongly recommended that you do this to avoid potential issues with the registry. You should also back up the registry before making any changes.

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