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ODBC not set in Tm1s.cfg when Configure TI on Windows 64-bit

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The ODBC gateway is used to access ODBC sources from TurboIntegrator when running the 64-bit Windows TM1 server. Axnet is a server process, available as part of Applix TM1, that launches ODBC gateways as requested by the TM1 server. Axnet starts during the operating system?s start-up routine, on TCP/IP socket port #5492 by default. Complete details on axnet are available in the TM1 Security Guide.
To enable access to ODBC data sources through axnet, you must select the Configure TurboIntegrator to Use the ODBC Gateway option when installing TM1. Selecting this option, the installation wizard prompts to specify several parameters (Gateway Host, Username, and Password) that define how TM1 accesses the gateway
When installing the TM1 server on the Windows 2003 64-bit operating system, these parameters are not written to the Tm1s.cfg file.] Consequently, the TM1 server will not be able to access the ODBC gateway through the axnet service.


There are no TM1 64-bit ODBC drivers, so TM1 uses axnet to communicate with ODBC sources.


Windows 2003 64-bit operating system

Resolving the problem

To allow access to the ODBC gateway, manually insert the following parameters in the Tm1s.cfg configuration file:
UseELFODBC to allow access to the ODBC gateway, this parameter must be set to T.

ELFODBCServer This parameter specifies the name of the computer on which axnet is running. This computer must be visible to the TM1 server.

If installing all TM1 server components on a single computer, this parameter value will be the name of the computer on which the TM1 server is installed.

ELFODBCUserName This parameter sets the username used to access the axnet service. The parameter value must be specified in

domain_name\user_name format.

ELFODBCPassword This parameter sets the password that corresponds to the username used to access the axnet service


To insert these parameters in the Tm1s.cfg file:

1. After installing the TM1 server, open Tm1s.cfg in a text editor. Tm1s.cfg resides in the TM1 server's data directory.

2. Add the above parameters to Tm1s.cfg anywhere below the [TM1S] line.

When done the file should look similar to this:






DataBaseDirectory=C:\Program Files\Applix\Custom\TM1Data\SData\










3. Save and close Tm1s.cfg.
4. Restart the TM1 server.

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