Publishing to IWR hangs: Currently registering reportset

Technote (troubleshooting)


Publishing to Impromptu Web Reports hangs when updating a particular reportset.


Currently publishing report set or Currently registering report set

Resolving the problem

Increase the IWR parameters - numOfReportSetSegments and numOfReportEntrySegments.

1. Navigate to the /cognos/7.3/cer4/bin directory.

2. Source: . ./

3. Run the following commands -
./iwrconfig -attr numOfReportSetSegments=349
./iwrconfig -attr numOfReportEntrySegments=1250
./iwrconfig -attr numOfReportEntrySegments=1500

To reset the currently hung reportsets type the following command:

1. ./iwrconfig -cmd resetreportset <reportsetname>

2. Open IWR Report Administrator (Report Publishing ) and enable the reportset that was hung.

3. Re-publish to IWR.

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