List of error messages which will return in the Log on page of Cognos connection

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This document provides error messages user will get in the 'Log on' page of Cognos Connection.

The below is a list of error message which Cognos 8 will return if the log on was not successful.


# Section: CAP
# Description:
CAM_CAP_OLD_PASSWORD = Old password:
CAM_CAP_NEW_PASSWORD = New password:
CAM_CAP_CONFIRM_NEW_PASSWORD = Confirm the new password:
CAM_CAP_COULD_NOT_AUTHENTICATE_USER = Unable to authenticate a user. Please contact your security administrator.
CAM_CAP_ACCOUNT_DISABLED = The account is disabled. Please contact your security administrator.
CAM_CAP_PASSWORD_EXPIRED = Your password has expired. Please contact your security administrator.
CAM_CAP_USER_NOT_ALLOWED_ACCESS = The user cannot access the application at this time.
CAM_CAP_RETRY_AFTER_SET_NEW_PASSWORD = Password has been changed successfully. Please try to log in again with the new password.
CAM_CAP_INTERNAL_ERROR = Internal error.
CAM_CAP_ACCOUNT_LOCKED_OUT = The account is locked out. Please contact your security administrator.
CAM_CAP_INIT_FAILED = Unable to initialize the provider.
CAM_CAP_SELECT_NS = Please select a namespace for authentication.
CAM_CAP_TICKET_EXPIRED = The ticket has expired.
CAM_CAP_INVALID_TICKET = The ticket is invalid.
CAM_CAP_TICKET_SERVER_DOWN = The ticket server is not running.
CAM_CAP_USER_NAME_EMPTY = A user name was not entered.
CAM_CAP_EMPTY_PWD_NOT_ALLOWED = An empty password cannot be used for this namespace.
CAM_CAP_PLEASE_ENTER_PWD = Please provide a password.
CAM_CAP_INVALID_CREDENTIALS = The provided credentials are invalid.
CAM_CAP_PROVIDE_CREDENTIALS_FOR_USER = Please provide credentials for the user '{0}', in the namespace '{1}'.
CAM_CAP_SESSION_EXPIRED = Your session has expired.
CAM_CAP_VISA_CONTAINS_INVALID_CREDENTIALS = The passport visa for namespace '{0}' contains invalid credentials.
CAM_CAP_SELECT_ONE_OR_MORE_ROLES = Select one or more roles for this session, or choose not to select any roles. Your access permissions will depend on the roles you select.
CAM_CAP_NO_AVAILABLE_ROLES = There are no roles available.
CAM_CAP_INFO_FOR_USER_COULD_NOT_BE_RETRIEVED = Unable to authenticate the user because the authentication information could not be retrieved. Please contact your administrator.
CAM_CAP_COULD_NOT_GENERATE_TC = CAM is unable to create trusted credentials. Please contact your administrator.
CAM_CAP_COULD_NOT_GENERATE_CREDENTIALS = CAM is unable to create credentials. Please contact your administrator.
CAM_CAP_TYPE_CREDENTIALS_FOR_AUTH = Please type your credentials for authentication.
CAM_CAP_TYPE_CREDENTIALS_FOR_REPORTS = Please enter credentials to be used by Cognos 8 for off-line/scheduled functions.
CAM_CAP_SPECIFIED_OLD_PASSWORD_INCORRECT = The specified old password is not correct.
CAM_CAP_SPECIFIED_NEW_INCORRECT = The specified new password does not comply with the requirements.
CAM_CAP_YOUR_PASSWORD_HAS_EXPIRED = Your password has expired. Please change it.
CAM_CAP_YOUR_PASSWORD_LENGHT_INCORRECT = Your password cannot contain more than '{0}' characters.
CAM_CAP_INVALID_DOMAIN_IN_USER_NAME = A user from domain '{0}' is unable to log on in the current namespace.
CAM_CAP_SELECT_USERDN = Select one user DN from the list of DNs that matched the lookup criteria. Re-enter the password.
CAM_CAP_COULD_NOT_CONVERT_CREDENTIALS = Unable to convert credentials using code page '{0}'
CAM_CAP_ACCOUNT_EXPIRED = The account is expired. Please contact your security administrator.
CAM_CAP_USER_ACCESS_RESTRICTED = Unable to authenticate. The supplied credentials do not allow access to Cognos 8.


Cognos 8.2

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