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PDS-PCT-0023 and PDS-REC-0021 when accessing cubes

Technote (troubleshooting)


Intermittently on a distributed system, user encounters errors when accessing powercubes. Testing the cube datasource reveals failures from some dispatchers but not other. Restarting the dispatchers that are unable to connect allows connection.


PDS-PCT-0023 PowerPlay Data Server cannot read the data cache.
PDS-REC-0021 (Open Data Cache)
PCA-ERR-0092 PPDS Failure: "ppdscgGetCubeFeatures" returns "3" for datasource "<cube name>".


Customer was using a third-party application (unblocker.exe) to remove file locks on the cube file so that they could copy new versions of the cube overtop of the existing. If the file locks are from active BIBus processes, breaking the file lock causes the associated datasource connections in that BIBus to become corrupt, causing this error whenever the system tries to reuse that session.



Resolving the problem

The methods for maintaining IBM Cognos Powerplay Cubes in a IBM Cognos 8 environment are descibed in the proven practice document Use of PowerCubes in Cognos 8. Use of other methods is not supported by IBM Cognos for Cognos 8.2.

Steps:Download and read the following document:

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