How to set up Fiscal Years, Quarters, and Months

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By default, Transformer organizes dates in a time dimension according to the standard calendar year.
This document describes how to set up Fiscal Years, Quarters, and Months.

Resolving the problem

The Year Begins property controls the date when the year starts. To set up a time dimension that reflects a non-calendar fiscal year, you change Year Begins from the first day of the calendar year, January 1, to the first day of your fiscal year, for example April 1.

  1. Open the diagram for the time dimension that is to be based on fiscal years.
  2. Open the property sheet for the drill category, and then click the Time tab.
    This category, the first parent category, should be called 'By <Dimension Name>'
  3. In the Year Begins box, type the date on which the fiscal year begins.
    Choose a valid date from any year, but ensure that your specified starting date is the first day in the first week of that year. The default format is YYYY/MM/DD. Ensure that the Year Begins date corresponds to the Week Begins On field.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Regenerate the categories in the model.

Note: If you are trying to set a 4-4-5 Calendar year and a fiscal year named for the following year starting on October 1 such as FY 2000 started on 10/1/99, Transformer will not automatically set the year to 2000. Instead, name the years manually.

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