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Barcode font does not display correctly in PDF output.

Technote (troubleshooting)


After installing a barcode font and adding it to the Global Configuration, the font can be used in Report Studio, however the font does not display correctly in PDF format. The font displays correctly in HTML.


The wrong name was specified for the supported font name in the Global Configuration.

Resolving the problem

The correct name has to be specified under global configuration, in this instance the name was incorrectly specified as the file name displayed in Windows Explorer and should be the Typeface name of the font.

  1. After the font is install on the operating system...
  2. Open the font with the Windows font viewer.
  3. Make note of the Typeface name.
  4. Open Cognos Configuration.
  5. Open Global Configuration under the Actions menu.
  6. Click on the Fonts tab.
  7. Click add.
  8. For the supported Font Name specify the Typeface name of the font.
  9. Click ok.
  10. Save the Configuration and restart the services.

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