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Cross Join QE-DEF-0103 error when creating a report on query subjects from the business view.

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Cross join error even though relations are defined in the database view in Framework Manager.


QE-DEF-0103 Cross joins are not permitted


Cross join error occurs when cross product is disallowed in Framework Manager (FM), and Report Studio, and there are no relationships detected between the query subjects used in the report.

In Framework Manager, the database view contains defined relationships. In this case, instead of creating query subjects from the model to populate the business view, the business view query subjects were created from the data source. Since the relationships defined in the model do not exist in the data source, cross join error is raised when these query subjects are used in a report.

Resolving the problem

From Framework Manager, verify which query subjects are being created from the data source, recreate them from the model.

Steps:To determine if a query subject is created from the data source or model:

1. Right click on a query subject in the business view.

2. Edit definition.

3. If the definition of the query subject contains SQL, then the query subject has been created by referencing the data source. For example:

item 1,
item 2, .....
data source.table

To recreate the query subject to reference the model:

1. Backup your model.

2. Delete the datasource query subject from the business view.

3. Right-click on the business view namespace, then click Create, then click New Query Subject.

4. Select From Model.

5. Drag the appropriate items from the database layer.

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