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How to setup and monitor SOAP messages from the SDK using TcpMon Tool.

Technote (troubleshooting)


How to set up and monitor SOAP messages from the SDK using TcpMon Tool.

Resolving the problem

1) Double-click <Cognos_install_location>\webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\tcpmon.bat in your windows development environment.

2) Only the following 3 entries need to be edited:

Listen Port #
Target Hostname
Target Port #

If the URL used to connect to ReportNet or Cognos 8 in the SDK code looks like the following:

Enter the following values for the 3 entries:

Listen Port #: 9999
Target Hostname: <servername>
Target Port #: 9300

3) Click the Add button.

4) Edit the Endpoint URL used to connect to CRN or Cognos 8 in the SDK code to:


5) Compile and Run the SDK application code.

6) Go back to TCPMonitor and click the 'Port 9999' tab.

The top portion of the display is used to select a piece of conversation.

The middle portion of the display is the SOAP request.

The bottom portion of the display is the SOAP response.

7. See that the Soap Requests / Reply commands are in the displays.

8. For saving the Soap Trace, Control Click all the lines in the Top portion, then use the Save button to save all requests / replies to a file in the Operating System.

9. Send this file for review.

Attached to this Knowledge Base document is a text file with summarized instructions.

To run tcpmon on UNIX:

Use the following command from /<Cognos_install_location>/webapps/p2pd/WEB-INF:

/home/jre14/jre/bin/java -cp lib/axis.jar org.apache.axis.utils.tcpmon

Note: Change the directory to where "java" executable is actually installed on your UNIX server.

Follow the directions above to setup the trace.

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